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AJ Styles Talks About TNA Pushing Former WWE Stars and More

Posted by Marc Middleton in TNA News
Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

recently spoke with Ryan Devlin and Chris Dutton of The Wrestling Mania Show. Here are some highlights:

Not being able to agree on a new TNA contract:
“Yeah it is upsetting. I thought that I’d retire in TNA but you know, this is a business and sometimes things don’t work out. People don’t understand this is how I pay my bills and sometimes it just doesn’t work out and we don’t see eye to eye. There are a lot of people who left and wrestled for different companies because of their contracts.”

TNA Pushing former WWE Stars:
“It makes me wonder if TNA thought it would boost ratings or was it that Spike wanted TNA to have higher ratings. I know that Spike like big names of their shows, which led to Christian and being signed. I blame it on ratings; they wanted to see them rather than seeing TNA grow more gradually.”

A planned speaking tour:
“I had a speaking tour planned but I was threatened by a TNA lawyer about some stuff that was going on. We were looking at doing it in March but now we’re looking at coming over in June so it actually worked out quite well.”

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One Response to AJ Styles Talks About TNA Pushing Former WWE Stars and More:

  1. jay

    Date: Feb 04, 2014 at 7:04 am

    Oh well out with the old guard in with the Wolves i suppose

    I was at Impact London tapings (all of em) and i can assure you that Impactget s seriously good in coming weeks, Watch for greatness from Bad Influence, Beer Money, Wolves, Aries, MVP (MVP vs Roode is epic!) Joe has taken Styles spot of top babyface and he is better at playing that role (anti authority)

    Aj was ace but him leaving was never gonna rock the TNA boat, he never drew as a champ and he couldnt sell a story on the mic….Magnus is the future AJ the past.

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