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WWE Hits “Reset Button” at RAW, Backstage News on HBK, More

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

– WWE did was is being described as a “reset” on the storylines with Monday’s RAW. was making changes and scripts were being re-written as late as 3-4pm on Monday afternoon. As noted, original plans had returning to get involved with but as they were re-writing the scripts on Monday, Vince was written out.

– Word coming out of RAW is that is finished in the storylines until he’s needed again. putting the Yes Lock on Shawn was Bryan getting revenge and ending the angle. There has been no talk at all about HBK coming out of retirement to wrestle another match.

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Source: PWInsider

One Response to WWE Hits “Reset Button” at RAW, Backstage News on HBK, More:

  1. rnmclrnn

    Date: Nov 02, 2013 at 11:34 am

    so….thats the end of the Bryan vs Authority story? The big payoff was Bryan putting HBK in the yeslock? Wow. Typical WWE way of blowing a good story. If this is indeed the case, I may not watch any more. It’s insulting to us fans, like we’re supposed to just be satisfied with Daniel Bryan attacking HBK? Like that’s what we all wanted the whole time? No….Daniel Bryan is supposed to come out on top and defeat Orton for the title, if not…these writers don’t know how to carry a crowd or tell a story. What a joke.

    This is regardless of my personal preference in anyone involved in the story, it’s obvious this was to be Bryans big push, if they’re just callin it quits at “payback on HBK”…then they’re morons.

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