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Scott Steiner is Back With Another Twitter Rant Aimed at Brooke Hogan and TNA

Posted by Marc Middleton in TNA News, WWE News
Sunday, June 10th, 2012

is back, he started another rant today on twitter directing his attention again on :

After brooke hogan tweeted that she could make more money on her back than i did in my wrestling career

Which i accepted and i will get into later,a high ranking official from TNA (who i respect)called me and

Without going into the whole conversation he ask me to stop tweeting and since im trying to

Save TNA from the same fate as WCW,and this official also has TNA’s best interest in mind i agreed

Until bitchoff opened his mouth spewing his bullshit as usual,but first since i missed brookes debut,I know

The camera adds 10 lbs but OMG how big is her head,did everybody notice when they were advertising her

For the show they had a picture of her that looked totally differerent of her when she walked out,how many

Gallons of paint did it take to airbrush that big head…and this is why i accepted her challenge that she

Could make more money on her back,even though guys have fetishes and sometime guys are just bored

But she has too many physical variables and abnormalities to be competitive or make money as a whore

Keep in mind she could have issued the challenge that she could make more money singing but she chose

Prostitution bcuz even she knows her singing sucks…her dad took her to a few music studios in nashville

in a last ditch effort and of course they got laughed out of the studio…same results cant sing cant dance and shes an amazon

Alot of responses to her debut was that she was a amazon..she has fat knees,cankles and did i mention she has a big head

Spinkled with a lil transvestite dust

So with the horrible ratings and reviews of his daughter what does hogan do;re-tweets a sexual tweet bcuz

The guy asks him too! LOL what a fucking idiot..need some ppl to tweet hogan the most vulgar sexual laced tweets and lets see if

The dumbass will re-tweet them

One Response to Scott Steiner is Back With Another Twitter Rant Aimed at Brooke Hogan and TNA:

  1. Dante`

    Date: Jun 17, 2012 at 1:57 pm

    Scott Steiners the man and he`s makeing alot of sense about tna,he has the best out look for tna I mean for starters hogan in my opinon is not even good for tna,he`s know as a cartoon wrestler thats from a big cartoon federation of donks,walking dead men and midgets where steiners for more serious wrestling and tna`s more of the serious type program not that cartoon shit,tna`s dumb blind and stupid if they cant see whats happened since hogan and his bitch lover ERIC`S done to tna,mark my words,tna will indeed sink to the bottom of the sea if they dont give hogan and his personal cook sucker the boot and oh yeah,,,Steiner can still wrestle and always could its funny how he was on top of the wrestling world untill he went to the wwe and Many of us know why,see vince hated everything wcw and would never let any one from any organization shine more than his wrestlers so steiners hype of truth was doomed from day one plus tripple h and his wife was in vinces ear as well so it was a no win fight for steiner!

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