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Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – 1/21/11

Posted by Marc Middleton in SmackDown! Results
Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

– Thanks to Craig Barkley for these WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Tulsa, Oklahoma, airing this Friday on SyFy:

* , Ezekiel Jackson, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel open SmackDown. Teddy Long comes out, says he’s in charge and disses the RAW General Manager. comes out and says it’s his show and his destiny is to win the .

* Alberto Del Rio defeats by submission. During the match they cut backstage and we see Teddy Long laid out as everyone checks on him. Teddy is taken away on a stretcher and drove away in an ambulance.

* defeated Layla.

* is shown walking backstage.

* Vickie Guerrero and walk up to the new Nexus. Nexus says they had nothing to do with the attack on Teddy Long and offer to help out. Vickie wants them to take out for Dolph Ziggler.

* Rey Mysterio beat with the 619.

* Josh Matthews talks about Teddy Long backstage but gets interrupted by and Alex Riley.

* comes out for an interview in his home state to a huge ovation from the crowd. Fellow OK native comes out but rips the state.

* Jack Swagger defeats in an amateur wrestling bout. After the match they brawl and Kofi kicks Swagger in the head to end it.

* defeats Trent Baretta. McIntyre tries to shake his hand after the match but Trent declines it. McIntyre attacks him and comes out to check on Trent, pissing Drew off.

* The Miz comes out and talks about beating up on RAW. Edge interrupts him and they cut promos on each other. Edge spears Riley off the apron. Miz and Edge have a staredown to end it.

* Edge vs. Justin Gabriel is up next. Dolph Ziggler is on commentary. Barrett, Slater and Ezekiel all got involved at the end of a good match. Edge fought them off but Jackson clotheslined him, allowing Gabriel to get the win.

They all enter the ring after the match and attack Edge.

* Dolph Ziggler comes out next and goes to attack Edge but Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio make the save. SmackDown ends.

Who’s Winning the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber Plans Revealed, $100’s Worth of Free WWE Merchandise and Tons More!

3 Responses to Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – 1/21/11:

  1. anonymous

    Date: Jan 18, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    Kinda have a favour to ask. Ive recently been caught up in the devasating and vicious Australian floods.
    Is any of the recent WWE and TNA programming worth my time trying to catch up on?
    IF SO, wheres the best place to try find it?

    Much appreciation for anyone who can help me.

  2. stefanie

    Date: Jan 19, 2011 at 12:22 am

    this so boring i want to see people fight and wrestle all wrestling is now is gangs 6 or 7 people beating up one person im sorry but wwe has lost there flare and it not even entertaining anymore who wants to see nexus beat up on one person i mean surprise me have a fan favorite turn bad something like that we are watchin every week and all u see is new members of nexus boring i would rather watch paint dry ive watched wrestling for years and im turning to watch old dvds cause its not fun anymore im completely tired of wwe and im just starting to watch tna and they i enjoy if they stop talkin so much but the matches r way better

  3. black tiger VII

    Date: Jan 20, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    sorry to hear bout the floods, but nothing intresting is going down, 40 men in the rumble this year, but thats not even sparking for me. tna is in the hole, for as long as management continues to run things. wwe needs to break out the pg range and be real to the original fans. i miss real feuds like hhh and hbk, and i pray cena and punk can deliver that. i pray john morrison’s mic skills are half his in ring ability, i pray tna goes back to what worked for them and build stars not take old ones.

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