William Regal Puts Over Daniel Bryan in the UK, Jim Ross News

– Jim Ross appeared on Boston Celtics radio this past Sunday night while the Celtics were in Oklahoma playing against the OK City Thunder. Ross compared Shawn Michaels to Michael Jordan and said he still has something to give in terms of announcing.

– As noted before, there is a chance WWE will have William Regal feud with United States Champion Daniel Bryan now that CM Punk is injured and the Punk-Bryan feud is off.

Regal and Bryan have been wrestling each other on the current European tour with Bryan winning via submission. At last night’s show, the two shook hands after the match and Regal said on the mic, “I’ve been in this business for 27 years and never thought I’d see a better wrestler than me. Well, this man is, ladies and gentleman, Daniel Bryan.”

Regal helped train Bryan back in the early days of his career.

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  • Dave B

    I have always, and always will respect William Regal…I remember his stellar match with Chris Benoit on an episode of “Velocity”. Extremely underrated, I am very excited for this story, I predict great matches….hopefully they will add Regal training Bryan earlier, “Teacher vs. Student” rivalry….bring some prestige to the US title again….

  • Joshua Gresham

    Daniel Bryan Is A Great Wrestler & Michael Cole Is Hating On The U.S. Champ Because All The Divas Are Falling On “The Lebell Lock Specialist” & Not The “And I Quote Dude”

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