Spoilers: WWE RAW Tapings – 11/8/2010

Thanks to Cliff for these live spoilers from today’s WWE RAW tapings in England:

* RAW opens up with John Cena and Nexus. Wade Barrett says he will deal with the other members for invading SmackDown. It’s announced that Orton vs. Barrett must end by pin or submission and Team Barrett vs. Team Orton will take place tonight with Cena as ref.

* Eve and The Bella Twins beat Alicia Fox, Tamina and Maryse.

* The Usos beat The Hart Dynasty.

* Segment with Santino Marella and Sheamus.

* David Otunga vs. John Cena is announced.

* Randy Orton talks backstage. The Miz comes in and will be on his team tonight.

* Goldust beats Ted DiBiase. Maryse goes for the Million Dollar belt but Aksana gets it back.

* John Cena destroys David Otunga and wins with the STF.

* Edge vs. David Otunga is announced for SmackDown. If Otunga loses, he’s done with Nexus.

* Santino hosts a Tea Party with Sheamus. The GM announces Sheamus vs. Santino. Sheamus wins the match and attacks Santino. John Morrison makes the save again.

* Backstage segment with Cena and Barrett.

* Team Orton (Orton, Daniel Bryan, The Miz, R-Truth and Mark Henry) vs. Nexus is up next. Good RAW main event with Nexus winning. The Miz turns on Orton and hits the Skull Crushing Finale.

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    Man it was good I went

  • ballsack

    wtf? If its taped why is it being shown same day?

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    Cos it ws in the UK an wen it is live its on at 2am

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