Ring Rust Review: Who Needs Attitude?

Well Election Day is over and we have a new senator here in Connecticut by the name of Richard Blumenthal. Now for those who do not know Blumenthal was Linda McMahon’s opposition for the senate and now that she lost her bid for senator many have wondered what’s next for Linda and her former company WWE.  While “sources” inside WWE deny it some feel that Linda’s loss will bring back an edge that WWE program has been missing lately.

While I have not been happy with what the WWE calls entertainment these days I feel it has less to do with being PG and more to do with their creative architects suck more than a 3 am hooker in Times Square.  The problem with WWE programming is that it lacks what Matt Striker calls “the second E in WWE”.  Yes the foul language and “attitude” might make it seem more realistic and accessible but is not necessary for quality programming.  If the big “E” focused more on wrestling matches and less on trying to reincarnate the late night variety hour  starring some second rate jobless B actor I honestly think people would not care or even notice the PG rating.

A prime example is the Ziggler versus Bryan match at Bragging Rights, I do not think the crowd was concerned over the fact it was a PG show, that match stole the show for one reason, people still want to see quality wrestling.  People have to remember that unless otherwise stated by management WWE wrestlers are not programmed to wrestle, they are programmed to go out there show a few moves, pose for the crowd hit the finisher and make sure you sell the t-shirts.  WWE programming is far removed from the “human game of chess” we grew up with. There is no more ring psychology, no more telling a story with how you perform, it’s been watered down to the famous “5 moves of doom”.

So  in closing do not hold your breath for a return to attitude, Linda is still a politician and the current WWE sponsorship does not swing that way however if you want to see changes in how things are done in the WWE stop complaining about PG-14 and complain about bringing back the wrestling match. The crowd at Bragging Rights did its part now it is up to the rest of us, say it on the internet chant it in the arenas “We want wrestling” “We want wrestling” public opinion matters let it be heard, until next time let’s watch




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  • outsider.gold

    “unless otherwise stated by management WWE wrestlers are not programmed to wrestle, they are programmed to go out there show a few moves, pose for the crowd it the finisher and make sure you sell the t-shirts”

    that part says it all.. SO true its sad 🙁 fans are FORCED into liking whoever the WWE places as it’s most popular wrestler… instead of chosing who is popular by judging their in-ring wrestling abilities and etc… 🙁

    matches nowadays dont last longer than 5-7 minutes if you noticed… INCLUDING entrances :S

  • scott

    the only thing fans can do to change this, is to stop watching…when the ratings tank ( and right now, the buy rates for PPV’s may be the start of something the WWE might notice ) they will change. Mark my words, if the buy rates for Wrestlemania dip below 10% from last year, then they will do something about it. The writers may be clueless, but the stalworts of the business, HHH, for example, know just how bad it is. something must be done and fast…i haven’t watched smackdown in years and frankly, i don’t miss it. I’ve been an avid RAW watcher from day one, but for the last 5 weeks, i’ve skipped it and just read the synopsis on here…the weird thing is, i’m beginning not to miss it, which to me, is sad…

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