WWE Expected to Keep PG Programming Following Linda’s Senate Loss

– Phil Mushnick wrote the following in The New York Post:

“Now that Linda McMahon lost, the WWE can revert to producing kid-targeting sleaze. Some figured the WWE’s TV shows went PG the last few months because the McMahons’ consciences bothered them.”

For what it’s worth, F4Wonline reports that WWE has no plans on doing away with PG programming because Linda lost.

The PG changes were originally made mainly because of WWE’s relationship with Mattel. WWE is very happy with Mattel and nobody expects officials to do away with PG content.

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Source: F4Wonline.com




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  • nick

    well if they want big ratings again they will have to do away with the pg bullshit

  • Horseman420

    Phil Mushnick and everyone else can go f**k themselves. WWE was basically PG before the Attitude era; ya want sleaze, go to TNA because that type of wrestling is passe……….meaning it’s old

  • Mr.Hill

    Changing the rating won’t improve the horrible writing. PG isn’t the problem.

  • thegrizzly

    if they wanna keep pg ratings and are aiming programming at kids move raw to saturday mornings on the fox box. right after ninja turtles. they honestly think 8 year olds stayy up until 11 to watch john cena show his fucking underwear. get real wwe adults don’t wanna see that gay shit!

  • Ballsack

    sigh, whats the point of watching wwe anymore? Linda lost, no more elections.

  • Nazi killer

    I agree with mr. hill. PG isn.t the problem the writing is. I think the writers are used to attitude era storylines and don.t know how to make an entertaining pg program. Grizzly makes a good point too. When i was a kid there was a program on saturday mornings for kids and another late night program that i never got to see. I just got recaps on the saturday mornings.

  • K Law

    who gives a fuck what you all say, youre all fucken morons.

  • Mr.Hill

    The problem with this site…you leave the door open and you are bound to let a stray or two in.

  • Ballsack

    k law is still an ass i see. And hill, what did you mean by strays.

  • anonymous

    K Law has always been an annoying bitch. No one cares for his input but he keeps coming back.

  • Ballsack

    comment above mine, VERY GOOD.

  • Murmer

    K Law isn’t too bad in my opinion.

    anyways, TNA is not PG. and it is currently the worst thing on television, period. because whether a company is PG or not if you have selfish bastards like triple h and john cena and other superstars getting pushed 24/7 and hardly putting a young guy over PROPERLY, the product will suck. and the horrible writers who have no idea what they’re doing, and the retarded chairman who cares mostly about money… all of that will always prevent this company from being any good. but so many fans just watch it anyways… everything that the product feeds them they watch every week even though it pisses them off. all they do is complain nonstop about how much WWE sucks. many of them choose TNA as an alternative.. just because its the only other company with a huge tv deal. because its not like anything past that exists.. right?

    as far as people who aim all of the blame on the PG rating must be the most ignorant people in the world. i dont know how hard it is for someone to not acknowledge how much the “divas” division and the tag team division has sucked for years now. and no no no.. its not because its pg, the “divas” division has always been portrayed as females who are mainly there to pose for the fans and show their sexyness, because well.. most of the females on the roster have been models at some point.. lets start off with kelly kelly, shall we? ohh! she was a bikini model before getting into WWE, who shall we choose next?! ohhh layla el from laycool! she was a professional dancer/model for the miami heat before WWE! Eve torres had a modeling career before WWE, Bella twins were models before WWE (theres a shock). im not criticizing women who like to model necessarily.. but even on NXT season 3 there was a contestant who had NO WRESTLING EXPERIENCE prior to being on the actual show. its just pathetic how sexist this seems to me.. and like i said… IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PG, its simply them not knowing what they’re doing. you dont hire a bunch of models and throw them in a ring… heres a better idea.. how about you get some actualy wrestlers?

    the fact that they choose to break up tag teams and group random guys together and switch the tag team titles back and forth in matches that mean absolutely nothing… its sickening. sure they pushed sheamus.. but he went from feuding with shelton benjamin on ECW to being WWE champion about 4 or 5 weeks later.. and sorry but i dont give a crap about him just because they threw the title on him. and i dont think he looked strong enough in his feud with triple h to really make me care any more than i did before. the only guy i think theyve been doing a good job with in pushing to stardom has been barrett, but im not too big on his in ring work. im done ranting.

  • Murmer

    and i am done watching WWE by the way. i recently gave up completely after only watching smackdown for a few weeks. so im not so sure what theyve been doing lately with barret and the whole nexus thing on raw… but from what im familiar with barrett was getting a good push, and getting lots of promo time. but i dont give a crap about this company and if i were to support it in any way i would be supporting shit.

  • Mr.Hill

    Murmer makes a lot of very valid points. A lot of women wrestlers go through the same training as the men, there is no separate camp for men and women in training schools. And they finally get to the Big promotions and have to lose to a bikini model that just learned a clothesline three hours before the event.

    And as far as my strays comment, I meant every time a decent string of comments about actual wrestling gets started the childish undesirable element shows up.

  • K Law

    i dont give a fuck what your opion is asshole. Sounds like youre just bitchin and complaining yourself.

  • j_roc222

    I think WWE needs to get their act together or they’re fall like WCW. Its not really the whole PG concept its the fact that WWE is trying to get money they signed a contract with a toy company or whatever from 2009-2014. What they need to do for this era is to get better writters, look for better wrestlers that are good at both skills, fix up the championships, and last but not least they should REALLY control the backstage politics.

  • j_roc222

    and forgot about their stupid choices. especialy on releasing people that can do well in WWE. Ie shelton, burchills, matt hardy (well matt pretty much wanted to be released because he was un happy in the company) mickey james and soforth.

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