WWE Titles Shows, Former Employee Comments on ‘Stand Up’

– A former WWE employee watched the first “Stand Up for WWE” campaign promotional video where it was noted that WWE employees voluntarily gathered to “Stand Up for WWE” and commented with the following.

“I can list 60 to 75 percent of the people in the video. God bless them,” the former employee stated. “It’s what you do to get ahead. I have no problem with them doing it.”

The source, however, was no so complementary to the campaign.

– WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts left a copy of the script for the Oct. 25 RAW lying on the ground at the evening’s taping in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which a fan snapped a photo of. A headline reading “Grin and Barrett” was prominently featured at the top of the page. The same headline was used for the company website’s recap of RAW.

TNA Wrestling also names their television episodes, though the title airs on television whereas WWE does not. Spike TV officials reportedly pushed the company to air episode titling.