Update on Scott Hall’s Health

Scott Hall is hospitalized after undergoing surgery to implant a pacemaker in his heart. Sid Vicious discussed Hall’s health during an interview.

“His condition is this, I think everybody knows a little about, he just received a little thing in his heart where it monitors his heart beat and if it gets too low it kicks his heart back in because of some of the medication he has been on and because of this heart deal he has been having a few seizures. That is why he has been in the hospital the last couple of days. One thing is he has told me and the people around him, I forgot how many hits he had for his birthday, those things right there. Those are the things that people like me and Scott, of all the things I cherish in this business are things like that…I know all the comments and all the great feedback he got for his birthday and about his condition has been good. I hope people keep that up.”




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  • Leon

    Oh man! Gah! My head hurts after reading that.

  • Alex

    get better soon big guy!

  • Mac

    Hopefully he can live for a long time. The bad guys never seem to die.

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