WWE Still Hoping for Lesnar at WrestleMania, Plans Tossed Around and More

– People in both WWE and UFC feel that a Brock Lesnar role at WrestleMania 27 won’t happen because of Lesnar’s contract with UFC. However, even as recent as of a few days ago, there were people in WWE still working on putting something together. WWE has been tossing around potential ideas and trying to see if there’s a way Lesnar could be involved contractually without UFC President Dana White having to approve it. They are also trying to figure out a way for White to approve a deal.

Regarding the confrontation at UFC 121, the belief is that WWE itself did not directly contact Brock Lesnar or his camp, but someone very close to Vince McMahon did. One could suspect that Paul Heyman, considering his relationship with Lesnar and his past with WWE, may have been the middle man but word is that it was not him. Heyman has been quiet on the subject but in the past has floated an idea to WWE about bringing in Lesnar for some kind of role.

It’s believed that there was no direct approach from Vince McMahon because that could lead to contract tampering.

One WWE source felt that Lesnar could get between $2 million and $3 million from WWE for a WrestleMania appearance.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • warrior

    what about the up n comers as a long time fan im tired of seeing the same top guys nowhere in that article does it say anything about daniel bryan evan bourne drew mcntyre cody rhodes cm punk teddy dibiase jr. ezekiel jackson tyler reks kaval guys that can benefit from a wrestlemania moment

  • KEN

    Face it Warrior thats why WWE sucks, but the reason we keep going back is there is nothing else for us like there used to be in the days of WCW……. 3/4 of the main roster of WWE could go to TNA and become stars, if only they could see that. then and only then would TNA give WWE a run for its money

  • warrior

    ken yur absolutely right i miss the additude era

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