WWE Changing Ways Talent Trains, WWE Reporting Earnings Today and More

– WWE shipped 349,000 DVD units in September, down from 361,000 in August. They received 11.7 million hits to their website in September and averaged 767 merchandise orders online per day, up from 677 in August.

– There are a lot of WWE talents who are now glad that the election is over. One inside said, “The Democrat talent knows their role right now is to be quiet.”

– WWE Medical Director Dr. Joseph Maroon recently said that the company is going to start having wrestlers wear padded helmets while doing in-ring training. Also, when talents are learning how to punch, they first will have to practice on dummies as opposed to practicing on training partners.

– WWE will report their third quarter 2010 earnings this morning before the stock market opens. Vince McMahon will host a conference call later on with investors. Stay tuned later today for all the news and notes from the call.

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Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter