Plans for Randy Orton and Nexus Discussed, Possible New Feud for Daniel Bryan

– For what it’s worth, people in WWE are wanting to push the Nexus angle by giving them all of the title belts. With Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel holding the WWE Tag Team Titles, this might mean that Wade Barrett would defeat Randy Orton for the WWE Title and likely David Otunga would capture the United States Title.

– As noted before, CM Punk is going down with an injury and the planned feud with Daniel Bryan is out the window. A suggestion has been made for William Regal to feud with Bryan now and it’s said there’s a 50/50 chance it will happen.

– One idea tossed around within WWE is to have Randy Orton win the Royal Rumble and go on to WrestleMania. This could mean that Orton drops the WWE Title to Wade Barrett at Survivor Series. Orton was originally set to lose the belt to Barrett at Bragging Rights but that was changed.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • Thomas

    if they give nexus all the title they will be just reincartnating the old evolution angle when HHH had the world title Orton had the IC Title and Flair & Batista had the tag belts what they cant come up with no new ideas. the way i see it Otunga leaves nexus cause he thinks he is better then Barret which in my opinion he is. set up otunga winning on his own he is kind like a good tag team wrestle. everyone knows they r giving barret the wwe title cause they aint getting rid of cena form the wwe. so it will set up cena being free and fued with orton cause he lost the title and it was cenas fault. barrett gets a good fued with shemus or john morrison for the belt at Tables, Ladders, & Chairs maybe in a Ladder match or TLC match. cause sheamus was in a tables match last year dont need a repeat. let Slater and Gabriel keep the tag titles for a few, they got the Usos, Santino & Kozlov, the miz & Alex Riley and whatever other tag team they can throw together for a short run like they did with cody and drew.

  • warrior

    thomas my man u bring up valid points. one thing though… daniel bryan is a wrestler otunga is an entertainer id much rather c bryan with the u.s strap then otunga dont get me wrong otungas promos can talk circles around bryans bt wrestling wise otunga still looks stiff

  • Jeremiah Crowell

    I say they get rid of the Nexus. None of them has any talent. Let Wade win at survivor series and thats when Otunga leaves Nexus and Slater and Gabriel lose the belts which makes them leave. Or have Wade win it and Cena and Orton take all of Nexus completely out.

  • joeisrael

    why dont they just give orton the win and let cena go? that would be my fav scenerio but i know they are not going to do that this is my prediction orton drops the belt cena gos five moves of doom on barret and the miz cahses in his money in the bank and michael cole has an orgasm

  • JackF

    Dont have Randy win rumble!! Have Christian win then set up for a triple threat match with Christian vs Edge vs Y2J!!

  • Riff™

    WWE is just a mess. I am sick and tired of seeing four min face time on Orton “hearing Voices” Bullshit.

  • tkc409

    what??? let randy win rumble again???!!!
    NO WAY!!!! its time for jericho to shine!!!!!
    with so limited top superstar on WWE right now!!!
    its a good idea for guy who never win to win the rumble!!

  • thegrizzly

    uuuummmmmm……. tkc and jack. listen children jericho is not in the wwe. and also jack they don’t want edge and christian near each other. svr is a video game. they won’t even put them on the same brand for more than a week. i bet you want matt to go to tna and reform the hardyz too dontcha?

  • Murmer

    um… didn’t randy just win the rumble in 09?

  • To murmer

    A lot of people win multiple times so the fact that he recently one means nothing.

  • To murmer


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