More on Plans for Several Top WWE RAW Stars

– WWE’s creative team has discussed holding a Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett program at some point in 2011.

The Nexus spokesman is said to be “super over” with key personnel in the organization and has consequently overtaken the position held by Sheamus earlier this year. They also feel he has surpassed the “Celtic Warrior” in garnering heat from the audience.

Also on tap for Barrett is the climax of his feud with John Cena early next year, and a subsequent WrestleMania program with The Undertaker—providing the SmackDown star is healthy.

Barrett and Sheamus, as well Cena and Randy Orton, are considered the focal points of RAW going forward, until Triple H returns and joins the main event mix. Sheamus’ current program with John Morrison is considered a placeholder feud until the “King of Kings” returns to action.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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