TNA Star Reportedly Finished After Turning Point, News on EV 2.0 vs. Fortune

– Sabu has been told by TNA officials that he won’t be used after Sunday’s Turning Point pay-per-view in Orlando. Sabu will be wrestling in the EV 2.0 vs. Fortune match that has a stipulation where the winning team gets to pick an opponent to be fired. The storyline firing and Sabu’s release may be separate.

Officials told him that they have no creative plans for him after Turning Point. Those close to Sabu note that he is disappointed about the news.

TNA originally wanted to end the EV 2.0 vs. Fortune feud at last month’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view but kept it going until Turning Point. It’s believed the feud will be over after Sunday or next week’s iMPACT tapings.

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  • warrior

    who would make a better long term champion sabu or rvd ladies n gents geme feedback

  • alex

    honestly, rvd.. sabu’s taken one helluva beating over the years, and his movement isnt as fluid as it used to be. he’s really beaten up and really limited now, it’s apparent every time he has a match.. he’s always all taped up and hurting. he’s one awesome competitor, but rvd’s able to take more of a beating and keep going..

  • K Law

    Sucks for Sabu as he has always been one of my favorite ECW Originals… And thank God that whole EV2 vs. Fortune feud will end but the stipulates should be changed to, which ever team loses, the entire team must disband… Why just one member?

  • Tony Whiting

    As long as the PUKESTER and Wrinkly Ric Flair abd thier Bitch Bischoff are in charge Fortune will (Well atleast Whats left of them) Will run! FORTUNE told what to do by an wrinkled old man and another by the names Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair! The 2 Wrinkled pair od Pukeness~~

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