New RAW Host, Austin Likely Returning to WWE

– Jeff The Drunk will be guest hosting RAW on 12/27 from Albany, New York according to the Howard Stern show today.

He is said to be involved in a segment with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin that night, who incidentally has been in talks with WWE about promoting his new “Hunt To Kill” movie and doing something at WrestleMania 27.




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  • warrior

    cud u imagine wrestlemana 27 the rattle snake vs. the viper the rko vs. the stunner wishful thinkin but 1 can hope

  • K Law

    Has good as that match looks, Orton would have to take it easy on Austin and it would look too fake… Much like Bret vs. Vince last year… Maybe Austin can referee since that’s pretty much the only thing WWE allows him to do…

  • Angelo

    I’ll be happy if Stone Cold just stuns the entire McMahon family once more, lol.

  • The Mike

    OOOHHH HHEELLLL YYEEAAHH!!!!!!!!!! Stunners for everybody!!

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