Linda McMahon’s Loss at the Polls, Data from CT Voters and More

– When reporting the election results last night, the UK’s BBC referred to Linda McMahon’s exploits in the “boxing ring” and called her the former CEO of World Championship Wrestling.

– With 90% of Connecticut precincts reporting, Democrat Richard Blumenthal beat Republican Linda McMahon in the Senate race. Blumenthal was at 54% of the vote and 557,376 votes while Linda had 44% of the vote and 453,089 votes. The two Independent candidates each finished with 1% of the vote.

– Based on exit-poll data, Connecticut voters felt 40% to 11% that Linda McMahon’s relationship with WWE made them less likely to vote for her. Almost 70% of voters said they believe she “unfairly attacked” her opponent Richard Blumenthal.

Male voters supported Blumenthal 52% to 45% while female voters also supported Blumenthal, 60% to 39%. Linda won with white male voters, 50% to 48%. Blumenthal won with white female voters, 56% to 43%.

The only age demographic that Linda won with was voters over the age of 65 years old, with 52% to 46%. Linda failed to reach the younger and middle-aged voters.

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