Latest on Lita and Her WWE Status

– As previously reported, Amy “Lita” Dumas has not re-signed with World Wrestling Entertainment, although it has come to light that WWE has approached her about it in recent months.

In terms of her cameo appearance on RAW this past Monday, Dumas was in the Northeast for a signing appearance over the weekend, and contacted WWE about making a visit to RAW to meet Pee Wee Herman as she’s a huge fan. This is when the decision was made for her to appear on live TV via a quick cameo.




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  • Nazi killer

    Yeah. I used to like Lita too. But she has had too many injuries to be able to do the things that she used to. She also lost a lot of fans when her and edge cheated on m.hardy. She also was known as amy Dumbass after her appearance on the game show weakest link and answered the following: who is on the one dollar bill? Her answer: george bush. Who is currently president? Her answer: george washington

  • warrior

    i was always a trish fan

  • K Law

    I didn’t like Trish much… I was always a fan of Lita. Good or bad, she was and is still my favorite diva…

  • The Mike

    Lita, you ignorant slut……call me.

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