Kevin Nash Wants in WWE’s Royal Rumble?

– Following his recent departure from TNA, Kevin Nash posted the following on his Twitter page:

“Vince let me in the Rumble if I win i get taker at mania.If I lose I’ll join the kiss your ass club the next raw…………….DEAL?”

Nash left TNA after both parties failed to agree on terms for a new contract.




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  • richard

    that would be too funny im already lmao

  • warrior

    big sexy kevin nash gotta love the guy but hes past his prime bt it b nice da c em back home 4 a last match

  • Leon

    Would he come back as Kevin Nash or Big Daddy Cool Diesel?

  • Ballsack

    oh hell yeah, would to see kevin nash back wwe

  • crow

    i wish that daddy diesel to return

  • K Law

    I’m sure Nash was joking when he said that statement… Considering WWE wouldn’t let him win the Royal Rumble and considering that there is a chance Undertaker won’t be at Wrestlemania…

  • Asim

    I think vince should allow kevin nash to return to the wwe, so then he can pair up with the big show and have a good run as wwe tag team champions!!!!

  • Paul

    I can see Nash making one more run at WWE. From what I’ve read on multiple reports, he and Vince are in very good terms so there’s no animosity and what not that could get in the way. It’ll come down to other issues such as money, health, etc.

  • dude

    nash sucks, can’t move, and only cares about money

  • Murmer

    i know, why the hell are people hoping he comes back. hes never been remotely close to entertaining. maybe he was on the mic… but he has never had anything to offer in the ring. therefore, a match with him and taker would suck so much. it would be worse than their first wrestlemania match. taker is old too and out of shape like nash. if undertaker is going to have a match at wrestlemania, it has to be with someone who can carry the match a little.

  • Asim

    im hoping either goldberg/ lesnar return and take on undertaker

  • lawrence

    Yeah I think takers streak is very old an needs to be broke Goldberg seems like the man or lesnar

  • K Law

    Lawrence… Just because your anal cherry was broken, doesn’t mean the streak needs to be… Especially not by Brock Lesnar and washed up Goldberg. Two guys who spit on WWE during the worse Wrestlemania match in history.

  • Sotonik

    lawrence…did you even see Goldberg lately? When I saw his interview on Chris Jericho’s new dvd, I was surprised! Goldberg isn’t as big as he was. Goldberg is now looking like an very old and thin man that not only can’t move but can’t even talk properly due to loss of teeth!

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