Fight Breaks Out During Linda McMahon Campaign Rally at UConn

– A fight broke out at a rally for Linda McMahon at the University of Connecticut on Monday. A McMahon supporter reportedly tore down a sign another student had that accused Linda of profiting from violence against women, a reference to her relationship with WWE.

Linda’s supporters and staff say the student shoved a female McMahon supporter, a claim the student denies. Linda was escorted away by staff while her supporters and opponents yelled at each other.

Linda’s opponents, members of UConn’s Violence Against Women Prevention Program, tried presenting her with a mock award that was a “Lifetime Achievement Award for promoting violence against women in WWE programming.” The group released a press release saying wanted to question Linda about WWE’s content and deliver her with their award but were refused on both.

Campus police were called to the scene but at last word, no arrests were expected.

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  • The Mike

    Violence AGAINST women? So woman vs woman is wrong then too? unless they’re talkn bout trish b n forced to bark like a dog, then those protestn hippies need to get a life. And if your protestn against violence, the last thing that should happen is a fight break out.

  • Leon

    Amen, The Mike. I guess violence against men is not important (that’s the majority of WWE programming) to these hippies but “woman vs woman, well, you’ve gone too far this time, WWE!” Whatever.

  • warrior

    fellas yur absolutely right the medias full ah shit

  • crow

    amen to that brother i dont get it what on earth is wwe messing with lindas campain

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