Bret Hart Comments on RAW, Going to Europe with WWE and More

– Bret Hart posted a new blog on Facebook this past weekend, confirming that he will be traveling to Europe with WWE this month and will play the role of Special Enforcer in certain RAW and SmackDown main events, as noted before. Bret wrote:

“Life is good. In what has been an unusually beautiful fall here in Calgary I’ve been able to thoroughly enjoy it. The Calgary Raw show was a total blast and, for me, another surreal moment where I finally had a chance to walk down the ramp to one of the most thunderous cheers of my career. It’s been a long time coming and it meant a lot that my loyal fans here have never forgotten me or the Hart family, especially the Hart Dynasty. I, too was disappointed to not have had a chance to work in some capacity on the actual live telecast of Monday Night Raw but It was pretty sweet being the WWE enforcer in Randy Orton’s triple threat match with Sheamus and Wade Barrett from Nexus. Randy gave me the nod to slap on the Sharpshooter, so I did only it wasn’t Barrett but his disciple Heath Slater. All I can say is thank you Randy Orton for sharing your spotlight and letting me blow the freakin’ roof off the Saddledome one last time. I know it’s a little late, that Calgary Raw has long come and gone, but dang, how could I not mention such a big moment. Thank you Calgary.

In closing, I can’t wait to head over to Europe for the WWE in November. I look forward to seeing all my British fans and then heading over to Brussels, Nuremberg, Cologne, and Mannheim. I’ll be taking my role as WWE enforcer very serious over there and I promise not to let down my fans there either. I head over to Istanbul, Turkey from there and, for me, this will be the highlight of the trip. To walk the storied streets of old Constantinople, Istanbul today, is going to be mind-blowing. For years my mom would end up with my fanmail from all over the world, simply labelled Hitman Hart Calgary. Sometimes there were full plastic garbage bags of mail just from my fans in Turkey and to finally be able to come see them is going to totally make my year, especially since I’m a history freak and this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Hey Istanbul, the Hitman cometh! Let’s rock till we drop! See ya soon!”

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