Backstage RAW/Pee-Wee Reaction, More on CM Punk’s Injury

– The injury that CM Punk has sustained to his hips/buttocks seems to have occurred from a DDT he took from Edge at Bragging Rights. Unluckily for Punk, it looks like it was a total fluke of an injury. He took a normal bump, but was then in serious pain from that point forward.

– Yesterday’s special guest host Pee Wee Herman was said to be hugely over with the locker room.





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  • The Mike

    So the wwe staff had a hard-on for pee-wee, big deal.

  • Tony Whiting

    *LMAO* CM PUKE gets a real ASS pain and WWE wrestlers take in REE WEE PLUNK? WWE is soft! I knew it!! *L* I mean PEE WEE HEMAN

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