WWE Officials Working on Other Things for CM Punk

– CM Punk isn’t expected to be in ‘wrestling action’ for at least three months due to his hip issue, however WWE creative has been told to come up with non-wrestling storylines to integrate punk into RAW.

Surgery is scheduled for this week and as of writing, Punk is not expected to appear on this week’s TV tapings.

In terms of the injury, the feeling is that Punk could work through it, but WWE management do not want to risk it getting any worse.




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  • Murmer

    christian = gone
    evan bourne = gone
    chris jericho = gone
    cm punk = gone
    triple h = returning soon

    oh boy… not good.

  • K Law

    You left out Undertaker… Can’t have a Wrestlemania without him… Mysterio is also out for a minute due to an ear infection… Then you add in the fact that Shawn Micheals and Batista are no longer with the company, I don’t remember the WWE roster being this weak in years…

  • Murmer

    im actually glad batista is gone.

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