Val Venis’ WWE Return This Week, Injury Updates on Rey Mysterio and CM Punk

– Val Venis’ WWE return has been confirmed and he may be returning as soon as tonight’s RAW. Venis was in New York this past weekend at the hotel with other WWE stars for tonight’s show.

– Rey Mysterio was originally set to face Alberto Del Rio at the WWE Fan Appreciation event this past Saturday but Triple H worked the match instead. Mysterio was not there because he has an inner ear injury which is preventing him from taking bumps in the ring.

– CM Punk reportedly needs hip surgery. Apparently they have a date scheduled for the operation within the next 7-10 days but it’s not 100% yet that he will have it. There is concern within WWE that he will miss WrestleMania if he has the surgery.

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  • Big V

    wow! ..Venis return = TV 14???!!!

  • m m

    wwe is plagued of injuries.

  • warrior

    val venis coming bak?? i got 2 w0rds 4 ya…… HELLO LADIES!!

  • The Mike

    With all the injuries in wwe its no wonder that they re-hired Pal Penis.

  • Your-mom

    haha pal-penis.

  • Awesome

    Hey val venis is coming back to pg? It will be interesting to see how wwe uses his pornstar gimmick now.

  • annonymous

    In PG times he probably wont come back as Val Venis, itll be Sean Morely.
    He used his real name for a bit in WWE, than in TNA and also on a International Tour that I saw him on..

  • aj

    wow, hip surgery? you know god bless every superstar out there because they break there bodies for our entertainment every day.

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