Republicans Comment on Vince McMahon and Linda’s Senate Campaign

– Brian Lockhart of has a new article up wondering if Vince McMahon’s recent actions are hurting Linda’s Senate campaign. Lockhart phoned five Republicans and asked their thoughts on Vince’s actions and how they might hurt their fellow Republican’s campaign:

Current GOP Chairman Chris Healy: “Vince McMahon is his own cat and he’s going to do things in the best interests of his company, like anyone would. Anytime someone is trying to set the record straight and sticking up for his wife, that always helps … A lot of people will probably give him credit for that (and) for finding a way to protect his brand.”

Former Chairman Chris DePino: “The truth is I think it’s a huge mistake on the WWE’s part to engage in a political election through their fan base … I am sure while it might be legal, I don’t think the public really has a stomach for it. I think it’s an error on his part, only because I think it could turn around and really have the opposite effect … Most of those folks who are probably going to be impressed with it are already voting for her.”

State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney: “I don’t think people are going to make up their minds based on what someone’s spouse does. I think the entire discussion is unfortunate because it means we’re not talking about issues. And I lay the blame on Susan Bysiewicz, who came out with such an assault on the First Amendment … I don’t think it’s a good thing for the candidate, I don’t think it’s a good thing for the process when we’re talking about issues unrelated to what’s important for our country.”

State House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero: “He’s very proud of his wife, protective of her, and he’s very proud of his business and protective thereof. That’s what you’re seeing. The question remains, that’s all cute on a personal level, how does this play out in politics? That remains to be seen. There are some people that love (WWE). I’ve seen her association with WWE has drawn crowds, fans, admirers. And then there’s some people turned off and repulsed by it. It remains to be seen on Tuesday which are more of those people. (But) you don’t want outside distractions. So if all of a sudden a husband or spouse is stealing the headlines, that’s not cool.”

Former US Rep. Rob Simmons, who Linda defeated in the primary: “Now I can wear my WWE sweatshirt into the polling place! I think (Vince) is pushing his luck. The Secretary of the State made a terrible mistake … She reversed herself on this issue and now has taken the right position, which is there’s no conflict (wearing WWE merchandise to vote). But maybe Vince McMahon is going to make a jerk of himself and push the issue and I don’t think that’s going to help his wife. If Vince McMahon wants to help his wife he should stay in the dark room where he’s been for the last eight months.”

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  • Bracey

    Fuck it Vince just roll with it now, if nothing else it will be funny and give publicity lol

  • scott

    Funny, how years ago it was a TON of republicans who wanted to nail him on the steroid issue…now, he and his wife, are in bed with them…hopefully she loses and we get rid of the PG crap, well, at least on PPV’s…if they truly want to know why buy-rates are way down, here’s a list: the $5.00 more per event, the PG crap and lest we forget, the storylines…

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