Jab at Lesnar-Taker on iMPACT, Hype for TNA Family Feud, Velvet Sky

– TNA brought Velvet Sky and Chris Sabin’s private relationship into the storylines on last night’s iMPACT. Velvet said she was going to “call Chris” before she got too upset following the Knockouts brawl that opened the show.

– The following was sent out by Family Feud:

“TNA Wrestling Superstars go head to head in a very special edition of “Family Feud” next week. For “TNA Wrestling Week” it’s a battle of beauty vs. brawn as the TNA Knockouts go head to head with the TNA Superstars over some serious bragging rights. Host Steve Harvey will have his hands full with these two teams for the week-long grudge match, airing all next week beginning Monday, November 11. Check your local listings for times and channels where “The Feud” airs near you.”

– Taz took a jab last night during commentary on TNA iMPACT with the following line after The Pope was seen pushing a casket backstage. Taz, referring to the Undertaker-Lesnar situation, said: “Hopefully it’s not some badass looking to take out a MMA guy.”

Pics of Sabin/Velvet Together, Pics of TNA Knockouts on Family Feud, Big Hardy Spoilers and More…




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  • warrior

    is it me or does this constant jab at wwe shit soun lyk a recycled wcw theme??? it failed then n its failing now.. yo hogan leave the wcw shit n 1996

  • BatistaFan4eva

    Well it’s because WWPG is so horrible.

  • K Law

    TNA always takes takes jabs at WWE. A

    And WWE being PG is not horrible… You’re just a dumbass who doesn’t understand wrestling anymore….

  • The Mike

    Its seem more of a plug than a jab. tazz didnt sound negative bout it.

  • king

    Shut up you super wwe mark fags [email protected] it wasn’t Hogan who said it you shit hole sigh fucking marks ,and @K Law you are the biggest super mark to say WWEPG isn’t horrible you don’t know shit about wrestling.

  • warrior

    wow king really? i didnt say hogan said it u dick jesus get a life bro

  • Bracey

    WWE is more interesting now than it has been for a very long time. TNA is on a slide sadly, it was miles better about a year ago.

  • justin

    @warrior ” yo hogan leave the wcw shit n 1996″

  • Glad

    Just wait till WWE gets rid of fucking “PG Ratings”… Then TNA will know what real jab sounds like ; )

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