Preview of a New John Cena Song, The Miz Has Words for The Rock

– Courtesy of, here is a preview of a new song by John Cena and rapper Bumpy Knuckles that is featured on WWE’s new John Cena Experience DVD. Word is that the song will be released on iTunes in the future and their are no plans to use it as Cena’s theme.

– Below is a new video from G4 where WWE Superstar The Miz has some words for The Rock:

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  • annonymous

    The song preview is not that great.

  • duck

    the miz you say ur better than the rock thats a joke when comes to the best your a the bottom.the rock catch phrases yh he had three but people liked them and he was the rock the people’s champion what r u what nothink.big whoop you hold on to tiltle for a long time that because you scared you will never get it agian
    from duck

  • sheamus

    SHEAMUS is back and miz why don’t you get in SHEAMUS face and let’s see how awsome you are, and SHEAMUS is the man!

    an fooook jooooooooooooostin beeeeeeeeeeeebeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

  • Michael

    He sounds like Mr. T rapping.

  • K Law

    To touch on some points…

    The Miz could indeed be better then The Rock. Rock hasn’t wrestled in years nor cut a promo. The Rock in his prime would rip the Miz but right now, the Miz would win…

    Edge was the longest reigning MITB winner… He didn’t cash his MITB case in until January of the following year… 2 months from Wrestlemania…

    And WWE seemed to have ignored the 30 days rule with The Miz and the US title where a championship must be defended within 30 days.

    Oh and that John Cena song isn’t half bad… Would like to hear the rest of it…


    the miz sucks, he cant come close to the rock. cena sucks to. he needs more then just a new song to change things around.


    Thats awesome

  • Britnee

    The Miz is so freakin hot!! 🙂

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