William Regal Talks About Being Arrested, New WWE Deal Signed and More

The Sun in the UK has a new interview up with WWE star William Regal. Regal tells them that addiction to pills turned him “insane” and at that time in his life, “life meant nothing.”

Regal tells a story from his time in WCW on a flight from Tokyo, Japan to Detroit in the late 1990’s. He said:

“I was rather ‘out West’ on booze. I went into the plane toilet and I had my foot in the door, which hadn’t shut. I was relieving myself when the hostess tapped me on the shoulder and I spun round. Next thing I know I wake up in a jail cell, in Anchorage, Alaska, when I should have been in Detroit. I had no memory of why I was there. I was in an orange jump suit and was handcuffed to another guy and taken to court. They were going along the line of prisoners reading out charges. I was laughing, thinking, ‘This is all a terrible mistake’. Then they read my charge out: ‘Urinating on a flight attendant.'”

Regal admitted he used steroids in the past but says it’s “not my game anymore.”

Regal was told in 2003 that he needed a heart transplant but never went through with the operation. He told The Sun:

“I was stunned. They told me I’d never wrestle again, they found only about 15 per cent of my heart was functioning. The heart’s fine. I don’t trust what doctors say now.”

The article also notes that Regal has agreed on a new three and a half year deal with WWE.

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