Randy Orton Says He Won’t Leave WWE, Talks Improving & More

– The latest issue of WWE Magazine, which hits newsstands next Tuesday, features a candid interview with Randy Orton. The interview was formatted for the reigning WWE Champion to finish a variety of open-ended statements. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

The difference between a good match and a great match in WWE is always…
How I leave the live audience and how they respond or react. At this past SummerSlam, Sheamus and I had what I consider to be a very good match—the crowd, however, was just kind of down. It was weird. If we contested that same match a month earlier or a week later, even in the same arena, the reaction might’ve been 10 times louder. Even though a match is technically good, if it’s the last one during a three-hour show…well, sometimes the crowd is spent.

The biggest improvement I have made in the ring since my debut is…
That my confidence level has gone up. I’d have to say that that’s one of the most important attributes to have in this business. If you’re not confident in yourself and your abilities, as soon as you walk through the curtain, the fans can sense that right away.

The best part about Twitter is…
It lets fans know who Randy Orton really is. There are a lot of fans out there who think I’m an arrogant jerk, or hard to talk to. It’s humanized me a little more, which may or may not be a good thing.

At WrestleMania XXVII I want to…
Win. Hopefully I’ll still be the champion. I think I’d like to face John Cena. We started in OVW together 10 years ago and came up through the ranks. We have quite the history, of course. I think that the two of us going at it at ‘Mania would be epic. We have so many things in common and, at the same time, there’s so much contrast between us as well.

If I quit WWE tomorrow, on my last day I would…
That’s impossible to answer, on the grounds that I’d never quit under any circumstances.




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  • Murmer

    cena and orton one more time will make me want to kill myself, especially at wrestlemania.

    most of ortons matches nowadays just drag on and are veeeeeery slow and not in a good way. his hell in a cell match with sheamus was the only pretty good match i can thnk of that hes had this year.

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