Paul Bearer Talks About Being Back, Turning on The Undertaker & More

The Ottawa Sun recently conducted an interview with Paul Bearer. Here are some highlights:

Returning to WWE: “When they asked me, I immediately said no. I didn’t feel like I could do it after losing my wife. But then I thought about it and it came down to what my wife would want me to do. I’ve found that this has been good therapy to me. My parents don’t live too far away and I’ve got two sons, both married with a daughter. So I’ve got family. But I’m at home alone. Just me and three dachshunds. Losing my wife really took the wind out of my sails. I’m so glad to be back.”

Turning on Undertaker: “When I made the turn on The Undertaker, I expected the worst, I was expecting to have 10,000 e-mails saying: ‘I hate you. I’m going to burn your house down.’ But 9-out-of-10 were positive. They were glad to see me back. We really caught the fans totally off-guard, to turn on The Undertaker as quickly as I did. It was a tough decision whether to wait a month, two months or until Wrestlemania. I’m old school. I like to be surprised at a movie’s ending.”

The new Paul Bearer: “It’s a different Paul Bearer. A new Paul Bearer. I don’t paint my face as white as I used to and my voice is not quite as high pitched.”

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