HHH & Kelly Kelly at the NYSE, Vickie Guerrero Comments on Her Daughter, More

– Randy Orton commented on John Cena’s Legendary movie with the following comment on Twitter: “Just finished legendary, not a bad flick at all. I thought John did a fine job.”

– Vickie Guerrero wrote the following on Twitter regarding WWE signing her daughter: “I am proud and happy for my daughter getting signed! She has heart and committment. Eddie would be so proud of her!”

– To celebrate 10 years of WWE trading on the New York Stock Exchange, WWE’s COO Donna Goldsmith, CFO George Barrios, Triple H and Kelly Kelly will be ringing the NYSE Opening Bell this morning.

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  • Rocko

    If that young lady has half the in ring ability and charisma as her old man, she’ll do just fine. Hopefully the E won’t drop the ball with her like they usually do with the generational wrestlers.

  • lawrence

    I agree rocko she should do great

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