Ring Rust Review: If I Can Be Serious For A Minute

The WWE recently put out a list of the 25 best talkers in history.  Now granted when people consider who is the greatest of this or that it really depends on who you ask, however I would be safe in assuming that most wrestling fans that have been around longer than ten minutes will agree that Sheamus should not be on anyone’s top 25. My list is below along with my reasoning, some will agree some will not…what else is new?

1.       Hulk Hogan – Love him or hate him Hulk knows how to talk to fans.  If not for Hulk Hogan a lot of the people on this list would not be here.  For a time he had people eating out of his hand and still has tons of influence over casual fan base.

2.       Chris Jericho – I can list 1004 different ways he is a master of talk

3.       Ric Flair – One of the great things about the original four horsemen is that they knew how to talk, and right at the top was there leader Ric Flair, who to this day can still talk the talk…Woooo

4.       Roody Piper – While Hulk Hogan was a good talker he needed an equally good “villain” to counter his promos and Hot Rod fit the bill “What’s a Scotsman where under his kilt?……his shoes.”

5.       Dusty Rhodes – If Hulk had Piper than Ric Flair had the son of a plumber. Dusty was great at rallying a crowd behind him…if you will.

6.       Steve Austin – The catalysis of the attitude era, the WWE gave Steve the chance to open his mouth, and the rest is history and that’s the bottom line.

7.       The Rock –  So good that they added his material to the dictionary

8.       Vince McMahon –  Vince played the ultimate villain to Austin’s anti-hero character, I guess he picked up something after all those years on commentary, “what a maneuver”

9.       Bobby Heenan –    Before Monday Night Raw there was Prime Time Wrestling and listening to the banter between Heenan and Gorilla was priceless.

10.   Shawn Michaels – When Shawn split from the Rockers he developed a great talking style and charisma that present WWE wrestlers should study

11.   The Million Dollar Man – “Everybody’s got a price for the Million Dollar Man”

12.   Jake The Snake Roberts – Jake’s ability to talk was enhanced by the snake and that evil stare of his.

13.   Gorgeous George – an icon and innovator of talk

14.   Rick Rude – The thing that made Rude’s pre-match promos great was the fact he was right.

15.   Raven – When Raven went to ECW he went from being a loud mouth pain to one of the great talkers, quote the Raven.

16.   Freddie Blassie – “The Fashion Plate” knew how to make you hate him in the span of a few minutes one of the great talkers of all time, you pencil neck geek.

17.   Joey Styles – One of the big reasons ECW was as popular as it was, the silver tongue of Joey Styles was the one man show “voice” of ECW.

18.   John Cena –  John has always been a good talker from his rapper gimmick to his PG’tude rants the kids love him.

19.   Kurt Angle – Our Olympic hero seemed made for this sports it’s true.

20.   Edge – The character of Edge has really developed into a great talker from his world title reigns to his time with E&C…speaking of which.

21.   Christian – While part of “The Brood” back in the 90’s I did not think much of his talking abilities, guess I was wrong.

22.   Paul E. Dangerously – If you wanted someone to get annoyed just call on Paul

23.   Jessie The Body Ventura – In the ring or behind the mic The Body knew how to talk the talk

24.   Mick Foley – Bang, Bang.

25.   Superstar Billy Graham – One of the great talkers of the 70’s era wrestling

This is just a sampling of the great talkers of wrestling; some that should get honorable mention include Michael Hayes, Tully & Arn, The Undertaker, and Nick Boctwinkle to name a few. Until next time….Let’s watch.




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  • Bracey

    Hard to disagree with this list, nice one. The ‘official’ WWE list is a joke!

  • Dan Interlandi

    the only one I left out that I wish was in there was Mr. Perfect, but a list like this is hard to do without leaving out a great one or two

  • Darius

    I would’ve put Shawn Micheals a notch or two higher on that list ,but yeah for the most part I agree.

  • annonymous

    Heaps better than the WWE list..

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