RAW Roster Updates, CM Punk on MTV’s Website, HBK News

– As part of filming for an episode for The Outdoor Adventure Foundation, Inc., Shawn Michaels and Keith Mark will be at Devils Lake, North Dakota all week. The pair will also go hunting with children, young adults with cancer and other life threatening diseases and disabled veterans.

– The official website of MTV has posted an article on its website celebrating CM Punk’s birthday, who turns 32 years old today. The article makes mention of several MTV newsroom staffers being fans of professional wrestling who would have hard pressed to not acknowledge the WWE Superstar’s day of birth, especially with his love of music.

– A poll is ongoing on WWE.com for a new CM Punk T-shirt.

– WWE.com has added Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty to its RAW Superstars page. Both generational wrestlers were inducted into The Nexus by group spokesman Wade Barrett last night on RAW. Meanwhile, the website has yet to add Alex Riley to the roster page despite his appearances on RAW the past several weeks.

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