Possible Spoiler on Kane’s Survivor Series Match

– Local advertising for the November 21st Survivor Series pay-per-view is promoting WWE World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs. Edge.

Edge of course was one of the soul survivors, along with Rey Mysterio, on the victorious SmackDown team this past Sunday at Bragging Rights.

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  • K Law

    Well with Undertaker gone, its a toss up between Edge and Big Show… Edge would be a much better choice as two big guys like them would be rather boring…

  • WWE Fan

    Well I’m gonna missed the Undertaker very much. I hope he’ll come back soon to get a revenge on Nexus. We all gonna missed him so very much. I wish Nexus will be buried alive as well.

  • Murmer

    before i clicked on this i said “i bet its either big show, edge, or rey mysterio”. i guess i dont mind this that much, but im more than positive it wont be anything spectacular.

  • Murmer

    however, i would LOVE it if edge eventually became world heavyweight champion, and then at royal rumble christian were to return and be back in action on smackdown and face edge at wrestlemania for the title.

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