Mr. Anderson Injury Update, TNA Knockout Gets Engaged

– TNA Knockout Taylor Wilde noted on Twitter that she just got engaged to boyfriend Oliver Mitchell.

– Mr. Anderson worked last night’s TNA iMPACT tapings but did not wrestle, only appearing in a backstage segment. Anderson has not wrestled since taking the chairshot from Jeff Hardy at the previous set of iMPACT tapings. Anderson is still scheduled for the Turning Point main event against Hardy for the World Title.

DIRECT LINK: Hot Caps of Taylor Wilde Falling Out on iMPACT – Slip!




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  • K Law

    That’s bull! They took RVD completely out the picture. RVD should had signed something iron-clad about a rematch… Now he seems to be stuck in that whole EV2 vs. Fortune bullshit.

  • i fuck ur mother

    signed something… u know wrestling is scripted right! you fucking loser. Ratings sucked with him champ so on to the guy with the most heat. Your either 11 or mad dumb


    yeah if anybody should signed that its the pope hes the real one getting taken out of the title picture snd putted on the lame storyline right now p.s. NASH,STING YOU GUYS SREWED POPE……… JURKS

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