Latest on The Undertaker’s Possible WrestleMania 27 Opponents

– The latest WrestleMania 27 opponents being discussed for The Undertaker are Wade Barrett and believe it or not, Kane. As seen this weekend, WWE has planted the seeds for a Barrett vs. Taker feud.

Other opponents for Taker that have been discussed over the past month or so are Sheamus and John Cena, although it seems they’re steering away from Sheamus trying to break the streak.

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  • K Law

    I think Barrett would be a good choice… WWE has pushed him into the main event… Doesn’t mean he’ll be the one to end the streak but he’ll be a new opponent. Don’t wanna see Taker and Kane at Mania… I know everyone will riot if its John Cena and Sheamus could probably end the streak to further his career and WWE seems to not want Undertaker’s streak to end…

  • PowerUp 5000

    Cena in this Matter would be the right choice..Its a lot of Storylines and build up. They should have been made Cena V Taker a Wrestlemania Match

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