WWE Tag Titles Change Hands, Segment Set for SmackDown and More

– The dark match before RAW tonight saw Yoshi Tatsu defeat Primo Colon.

– Matches taped for Superstars before RAW were Mark Henry vs. Jey Uso and Tyson Kidd vs. Zack Ryder.

– Announced for this week’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown on SyFy is a funeral segment for The Undertaker, brought to us by the World Heavyweight Champion Kane.

– Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel are your new WWE Tag Team Champions after winning the belts from John Cena and David Otunga on tonight’s RAW. The storyline was that Wade Barrett didn’t feel like Cena and Otunga could co-exist, so he made Otunga lay down in the ring and get pinned by Slater.

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  • K Law

    I believe Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel should make for some interesting tag champions… With them being involved in the Nexus angle, should put some spotlight back on the tag division for the moment…


    that the dummest thing wwe did sofar why did they take the titles off of DASHING DREAMS like that and then CENATUNGA and put the belts on a queer and the chick from wendys just showing that wwe has no attemtions of revamping the tag team division but what do you exspect that how it is up north i mean wwe.

  • Alex

    heath slater and justin gabriel are the most athletic in the nexus, and worked pretty damn well together in the ring, i’d prefer them over cena/otunga and rhodes/mcintyre anyday. justin gabriel’s bringing evan bourne-ish entertainment while he’s on the shelf, and heath slater’s not afraid to take a fall (he just needs a way better finisher). i gotta agree with k law on this one, this gave the tag titles the spotlight they needed.

  • K Law

    Probably because @ Pope…. Cody and Drew sucked! They didn’t have no real storyline with those titles… They are better off being single competitors then tag champions…


    ok what about cenatunga i think their was potenual their even otunga is still kind of green it could have still worked WHAT SEY U SIR

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