WWE Offers Brock Lesnar a Deal for WrestleMania

– Dave Meltzer has confirmed that World Wrestling Entertainment has made an offer to Brock Lesnar to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

The news was kept secret from the majority of the creative team, and there has been a lot of talk today with people asking what the latest was.

It’s thought that Lesnar will not be saying anything publicly for at least two weeks.

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  • scott

    I can’t see Dana White letting brock do it. Now, if they did a story line where the WWE would come out against MMA, fill in typical run-ins by MMA people on RAW and SD, big pub on all of the networks, it COULD work…but we all know Taker would be written in to win and i just can’t see Dana letting that happen. it would undermine the UFC, although, watching it would be fun!

  • Glad

    @ Scott.
    Yes You’re right man… seems very complex but will enjoy it IF IT HAPPENS
    Though possibility is very less.

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