What TNA Wouldn’t Give Paul Heyman

– Any negotiations between Paul Heyman and TNA are now over after Dixie Carter refused to grant Heyman’s demands.

Heyman ultimately wanted the power to make talent changes without her request, as well as calling for roughly $1 million in talent cuts, and $200,000 in indy/international talent additions. As part of his office team, Heyman also wanted to bring in former WWE creative team member Dave Lagana and Dragon Gate USA booker Gabe Sapolsky.

Heyman was also frustrated that his job description wasn’t laid out in specific terms. He is unlikely to work with TNA in the future, even if offered the deal he was previously seeking, insisting he has moved on.




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  • Murmer

    man, TNA is fucking retarded.

  • The Mike

    He was asking for too much money and control. just cant walk in and take over the place, he’s not that good. with the power he wanted, tna would have failed just like ecw.

  • mothra

    More money for indy talents? Bringing in a guy from Dragon Gate? Gah, what a missed opportunity. Heyman is basically the anti-Hogan, which is a GREAT thing.

  • justin

    Wow, Heyman marks much? He can’t just walk in and take over the company like that. Why would Dixie hand TNA over to a guy that was the owner of a failing company?

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