GCF PPV Resurrection – October 24, 2010

It is time for GCF’s second pay per view, Resurrection! Welcome GCF fans to Resurrection, we have a great card tonight for all of you! If you have any feedback or anything like that, contact me at [email protected]. Let’s get started already!

The crowd goes crazy live for Resurrection, right here in Atlanta, Georgia! The Philips Arena is rocking for GCF’s second pay per view ever! We get a shot of the sold out arena before going to the commentary table with Michael Cole and Tazz. “Welcome everyone to Resurrection. I’m Michael Cole, along with my partner Tazz, and we have an amazing night ahead of us.”  “Oh Man Cole, every match top to bottom looks incredible. I’m pumped up for every single match tonight!”  “Well Tazz, were not wasting any time, right now its time to determine the first ever Intercontinental Champion! Tyler Black takes on Zack Ryder, right now!”

Intercontinental Championship
Tyler Black vs. Zack Ryder

Ryder makes his way out to numerous boos from across the audience. The Long Island Iced Z walks down the ramp, insulting most of the fans on the way to the ring. Ryder gets into the ring, throws his jacket and sunglasses off, and warms up for his match. Black’s music hits and the fans give him a ton of cheers. Black sprints down to the ring, slides in, and orders the referee to ring the bell. When the bell does indeed ring, Ryder and Black lock up. Ryder gets the upper hand and locks in an Arm Hold. Black tries to get out of it, Ryder isn’t letting him go anywhere. Ryder has the hold locked in tight for about a minute before Black starts to get out of it. Black gets to his feet much to the fans joy, and throws Ryder over him. Ryder stands back up quickly, but is hit with a big clothesline. Ryder stands again, but this time Black hits him down with a huge Big Boot! Black covers, One, Two, Ryder kicks out. Black wastes no time, so he picks Ryder up and puts him in a fireman’s carry position. Black tries to connect with a Fireman’s Carry Facebuster, but Ryder reverses with a hurracarrana that sends Black face first into the corner! Ryder jumps over towards Black and rolls him up, One, Two, Black reverses the roll up from Ryder into a pinning position, One, Two, and Ryder kicks out! Both guys get up, and clothesline each other down! The referee begins the count as Ryder and Black try to stand. Ryder gets to his feet first, while Black is still on his knees. Ryder runs over to Black and dropkicks his already hurt arm. Black rolls to the outside clenching his arm and Ryder follows right behind him. Zack kicks Black in the gut, and then grabs Black’s arm. Ryder pulls Black over to the steel ring post, and slams Black’s arm into the ring post! Black screams at Ryder to stop, but Ryder keeps on slamming Black’s arm into the ring post! The referee finally demands that Ryder stops, and he does, but the damage is done. Black slams his hands on the mat holding his arm, and you can tell he is feeling a lot of pain. Ryder laughs and taunts the fans with his signature, “Woo, Woo, Woo, You know it!” Zack throws Black back into the ring, and he also slowing walks up the stairs back into the ring. Ryder stomps on Black’s arm more, and then he goes for another pin, One, Two, Black somehow powers out! Ryder gets in the ref’s face, shouting at Ryder to count faster. Ryder tries to lift Black back up to his feet, but Black punches Ryder’s stomach with his good arm. Black shoves Ryder away, and connects with a dropkick that hits Ryder right on the jaw. Black rolls out to the ring apron, gets to his feet, and waits for Ryder to stand. When Ryder gets up, Black springboards off the ropes and executes a perfect springboard clothesline! Black covers, One, Two, Ryder kicks out! Tyler cannot believe it, but he isn’t giving up yet. Black heads up to the top turnbuckle, and sets himself up for his signature move. Black flips off the turnbuckle, attempting a Corkscrew 450 Splash, but Ryder rolls out of the way just in time! Black slams down full force and Ryder takes full advantage by quickly trying to pin Black, One, Two, Black kicks out!!  Ryder can’t believe it, but instead of complaining, he backs up and measures Black. Black gets to his feet slowly, and Ryder runs over to him. Ryder jumps up, trying to connect with the Ruff Ryder, but Black throws him off. Ryder falls on his feet, and Black hits a Superkick out of nowhere!!! Black hastily hops up to the top turnbuckle, gets in position, and performs his signature Corkscrew 450 Splash, crushing Ryder in the process. Black is already on top of Ryder for a pin, One, Two, THREE!!

Winner and New Intercontinental Champion- Tyler Black!

Black stands holding his gut and arm. The referee hands him the belt, and Tyler begins to shed tears of joy. Black hugs his new title and drapes it on his shoulder. Black begins to celebrate with all his fans. “What a way to start the night Tazz! Tyler deserves that win after all of his hard work, and now he is the first ever GCF Intercontinental Champion!”  “Man Cole, that match was great! Both of these men deserve the belt, but Tyler was just a little bit better. I can’t wait for these two to lock up again!” Black walks up the ramp with his new belt held high! Black puts the belt back on his shoulder, and exits the arena with a huge smile on his face. We then go to the back where Todd Grisham is there for an interview.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, AJ Styles. AJ, what are your thoughts on your match against the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus?”  “A few weeks ago, I was about to win the Television Title, Todd. I was about to get my first taste of championship gold here in GCF, but Sheamus cost me that match. He says he did it because I ruined his chance of facing Edge for the World Heavyweight Title. The problem is, it was a fatal four way match. I had to make sure he didn’t win, or else I wouldn’t get my shot! I really just don’t get the logic there. But he did get involved in my business, so he deserves what’s coming to him.”
Back in the arena, the crowd is silent until they hear, It’s a shame for they, lost their head. The fans boo like crazy and it looks like it’s time for the match AJ was talking about.

AJ Styles vs. Sheamus

Sheamus makes his way out with an extremely upset look on his face. Sheamus walks down the ramp and arrogantly gets into the ring. AJ is out next to a roar of appreciation. Styles walks down the ramp staring down Sheamus on his way to the ring. Styles hops into the ring and the two start to brawl right away. The bell rings, but these two warriors are already attacking each other. Styles gets the upper hand, stands, and stomps all over Sheamus until the referee pulls him off. Styles gets to the top turnbuckle and executes a Jumping Tornado DDT! Styles is off to a great start, and he goes for a cover, One, Two, Sheamus kicks out. Styles gets back up and tries to drag Sheamus up with him. Sheamus reverses by pushing Styles, and then ramming him down with a vicious Discus Double Axe Handle. AJ falls down hard, and Sheamus rolls out of the ring. Sheamus walks over to the timekeeper and grabs a steel chair! Sheamus rolls back into the ring and bashes AJ right on the skull with a chair. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner by Disqualification- AJ Styles

Sheamus hits Styles with the chair on the back repetitively, and the referee can’t do anything about it. Sheamus throws the chair down, and picks AJ up to his feet. AJ is just barely able to stand, but Sheamus puts him back down with a vicious Brogue Kick! AJ slams down with a thud, but Sheamus isn’t done yet. Sheamus sets the chair up, walks back over to Styles, and lifts him up in High Cross position! Sheamus slams AJ down with the High Cross onto the chair, causing AJ’s neck to crack against the edge of the chair! Sheamus looks down at Styles, looking very satisfied. “Get some help out here! Tazz, that was sick!”  “Yeah I know right! That was freaking awesome, Cole!” “What are you talking about Tazz?! AJ probably has a broken neck!”  “That’s the type of aggression I love Michael! Sheamus isn’t here to make friends, he is here to win championships and make a name for himself, and that’s how you do that!” Sheamus exits the arena to a whole lot of boos, while medics rush out to help AJ. Medics put a neck brace on Styles, and roll him on to the stretcher. Medics and referees push him out of the arena, while the fans cheer out of respect. “That was such a disgusting act on Sheamus’ part. He should be fired for that!”
In the back, we see Sheamus walking down the halls. Many of the superstars are giving him dirty looks, but it doesn’t look like he cares. We see that someone has grabbed Sheamus by the shoulder. The camera backs up and we see that it’s TV Champ Matt Morgan. Sheamus stares at Morgan, until he hears someone clapping. Eric Bischoff emerges from behind Morgan and begins to speak, “Very Impressive out there Sheamus. I have some big plans for you. Please, follow me. I think we need to talk.” Bischoff and Morgan walk away, and Sheamus cautiously follows.
“What was that Tazz? How can you and Bischoff think that was impressive? It was disgusting!”  “Michael, can you please just shut up?Just sit back, and watch this next match, it’s for the Hardcore Title!”

Hardcore Championship
Tommy Dreamer vs. RVD vs. Goldust vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Rhino vs. Big Show vs. Stevie Richards vs. Raven vs. Spike Dudley vs. Al Snow vs. William Regal

Everyone makes their way out except for RVD. Rob Van Dam, The Whole F’n Show! The fans go absolutely insane, as RVD jogs down the ring with a steel chair in hand. RVD slides into the ring and the bell rings. RVD throws his chair right at Spike, and it hits him square in the face. Dudley rolls out of the ring, while most of the competitors go outside the ring to get some weapons. RVD starts hitting everyone he sees with his chair, until he corners Dreamer. RVD nails Dreamer’s skull with a chair shot, and Dreamer falls down lying in the corner. RVD sets the chair up in the ropes right in front of Dreamer’s face. RVD runs over to another corner, and it looks like it’s time for some Coast to Coast! RVD dives for it, but out of nowhere Rhino catches him with a GORE, GORE, GORE!! Rhino catches RVD in mid air with a Gore! Rhino stands, but is quickly sent back down with a vicious knockout punch from The Big Show! From behind though, Big Show is hit with a kendo stick by Raven. Big Show doesn’t even flinch, he just turns around and grabs Raven’s throat! Show lifts Raven up, but again he is hit from behind with a wooden baseball bat by Richards! Big Show drops Raven, and turns his attention to Richards. Raven picks up the Kendo stick and pounds on Big Show again, while Richards pounds Show with the bat! Big Show gets to his knees. Regal slides into the ring, and delivers a running knee to the kneeled Big Show! Regal looks very satisfied with himself, but when he turns around, he sees Raven and Richards. Raven hits Regal on the face with his Kendo Stick, and Richards pounds Regal in the gut with the bat! Regal rolls outside of the ring, and now Richards and Raven turn their attention to each other. Richards and Raven start attacking each other with their weapons! Richards gets the upper hand, so he throws his weapon down and delivers a Superkick to Raven! Richards has no time to go for a pin though, as he is quickly lifted up and then slammed down for an Alabama Slam by Holly! Holly tries to get a pin, One, Two, Goldust breaks it up! Goldust throws Holly into the corner and sets him up for Shattered Dreams! Goldust backs up and then connects with his infamous Shattered Dreams! Goldust turns around, but is hit in face with Head! Al Snow hits Goldust down with Head! Snow covers Goldust, One, Two, RVD breaks it up with a Five Star Frog Splash!!! Snow and Goldust roll out of the ring, and RVD gets to his feet, but no one is around. RVD gets to the outside and grabs two tables! RVD slides the tables back into the ring, and then gets in himself. RVD sets up the tables and then pulls Snow back into the ring. RVD puts Snow on the table, and then runs against the ropes! RVD performs a Rolling Thunder on Snow through the table! RVD jumps up to the top turnbuckle, and it looks like it is time for a Five Star! Right before RVD jumps, Dreamer jumps up and pushes down on the ropes, causing RVD to lose his balance! Dreamer gets back into the ring, and walks over to a stunned RVD on the top turnbuckle. Dreamer puts RVD in a fireman’s carry position, and puts RVD through the second table with a Dreamer Driver!! Dreamer drapes his arm over RVD, One, Two, and Three!!!

Winner and New Hardcore Champion- Tommy Dreamer!

Dreamer is helped to his feet by the ref, and then handed his title. The fans give Dreamer a good reaction out of respect for his performance. The officials hand Tommy his belt, and he is ecstatic! Dreamer heads up the ramp with his belt, while all of the other superstars stare him down. Dreamer’s smile becomes a worried frown; he notices that all of the stars are now gunning for him. “That was just like the old days Michael! What a great match by all these guys, and its just fitting that the innovator of violence himself, Tommy Dreamer is the first ever GCF Hardcore Champion!”  “A great match it was, but now, as you can see by Tommy’s face, all of those Hardcore superstars and more are going after that Title!” All of the superstars exit the arena, while all the fans cheer.
A video package is shown on the titantron highlighting the rivalry between Christian and Chris Jericho, The Guns, and Team 3D. It started when it was Jericho and Christian taking on The Guns for the GCF Tag Team Titles. Team 3D interfered and cost The Guns the gold. It was announced that it would be Team 3D would take on Jericho and Christian for the gold, but after a few weeks of tension, Co-GM Jeff Jarrett added the Guns to the match. A week later, the match was turned into a Falls Count Anywhere match. The Guns and Team 3D are ready to get the gold, can Jericho and Christian keep their belts?

Falls Count Anywhere for the GCF Tag Team Championship
Chris Jericho and Christian© vs. Team 3D vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Jericho and Christian come out first to a lot of boos from the crowd. Jericho and Christian walks down the ramp with their gold, and the both get into the ring. They show off their gold, and Team 3D’s music hits. Bubba and Devon get a mixed reaction, most of the fans are upset that they cost the fan favorite Guns the titles, but they will root for anyone against Jericho and Christian. Team 3D slide into the ring, and shake hands with Jericho and Christian much to the dismay of the fans. The Guns music begins, and the fans go berserk! The Guns get to the top of the ramp and point to the ring. The Guns run down to the ring, hop over the ropes, and the bell rings. Team 3D walk over to Christian and Jericho, and it looks like its time for the double team attack on The Guns. Jericho, Christian and Team 3D corner the Guns, but instead of attacking, Bubba and Devon attack Jericho and Christian! The Guns look a little confused, but Team 3D doesn’t pay any mind to them. Bubba and Devon throw the champs over the top rope! Team 3D go to the outside and continue the beat down on the champs. Devon pulls Christian up and executes his finishing move, the Saving Grace! Bubba picks Jericho up, and drops him back down with the Bubba Cutter! Team 3D are able to hit their finishing moves on the champions to start the match! Before Team 3D can go for a cover, The Guns both suicide dive through the ropes, and land on Team 3D! The Guns high five some of the fans, before reaching underneath the ring and grabbing a steel chair! Alex Shelley pulls Bubba to his knees, and holds the chair in front of Bubba’s face. Chris Sabin backs up, and then dropkicks the chair into Bubba’s face! The Guns are on fire, but their momentum is crushed by Devon who clotheslines both men down! Devon covers Shelley, One, kick out. Devon then covers Sabin, One, kick out again! Devon tries to get his partner up, giving the Guns time to recover. Devon turns around, and is hit with a double Superkick by the Guns! Shelley covers Devon, but Jericho manages to break it up! The Guns turn their attention to Jericho, but before they can attack, Christian hits Shelley on the back with the chair! The distraction allows Jericho to drop Sabin with an enziguri! Jericho covers Sabin, One, Two, Sabin kicks out! Christian was about to cover Shelley, but Bubba blindsides him with a vicious spear! Jericho sees this and instead of trying to attack Bubba, Jericho sneaks underneath the ring! Bubba gets Devon up and shouts for the 3D! Team 3D pull Christian up and Devon lifts him up!! Bubba catches Christian and they connect with the 3D! Bubba attempts to pin Christian, while Devon guards him! One, Two, right before three, Shelley leaps over Devon and lands right on Bubba to break up the pin! Sabin then stands and lifts Devon up, then drops him with a Cradle Shock!! Shelley waves Sabin over, and they hit a double suplex on Bubba! While The Guns tend to Bubba, they don’t notice Jericho slide out from underneath the ring, and cover Devon! One, Two, Three! Jericho steals it!

Winners and Still Tag Team Champions- Chris Jericho and Christian!

The Guns hear the bell ring, but they have no idea what happened. Sabin grabs the referee and screams at him, “What happened?!” The referee explains what had happened and they can’t believe it. Jericho gets Christian up, and the two retreat through the crowd. When they are far away from the furious Guns, Jericho and Christian hold their gold in the air, showing it off to the Guns. Sabin and Shelley exit the arena angrily, while Jericho and Christian leave through the crowd. “Chris Jericho and Christian steal the Tag Team Titles from The Guns AGAIN!” “What are you talking about Cole? Jericho is a genius, and he proved it there. He saw an opportunity, and he took it!”  “Tazz, Come on now, Jericho….. Tazz I am receiving word that something major is going on backstage, can we get a camera back there?!” 
We are brought to the parking lot, where we see Rey Mysterio down and blood pouring from inside his mask. Mysterio is out cold, and it looks like he is injured. Referees, Medics, and Jeff Jarrett check on Rey trying to figure out what happened.
“What the? Tazz, did you just see Rey? He looked really messed up! What does this mean for the X Division Title match later tonight?!” Before Tazz can answer, I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand!

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

Orton makes his way out to a thunderous reaction from the crowd. Orton walks down the ramp, ready to take on his nemesis, Wade Barrett. Before the match can even start however, Barrett runs down the ramp and attacks Orton from behind! Barrett stomps on Orton, before tossing him into the ring. Barrett rips off his shirt, and slides in the ring himself. The bell rings, but Barrett is already attacking Orton. Barrett lets Orton stand, and when he does, Barrett knocks him down with a vicious boot to the face! Orton falls to the ground. Barrett continues to attack Orton, until some familiar music hits. It’s Jay Lethal!! Jay Lethal is back and he is walking down the ramp, staring at Barrett. Wade demands that Jay stays away, but Jay keeps walking. Barrett was about to confront Lethal, but Orton grabs his neck and performs his signature backbreaker! Lethal walks up the stairs, and now Orton stares at Lethal. Orton turns his attention back to Barrett, and begins to stalk Wade. Lethal gets into the ring, and the referee warns Lethal not to do anything. Lethal shoves the referee down, and gets eye to eye with Orton. Lethal points to Barrett, and Randy looks down at him. When Randy looks down, Lethal hits him with the Lethal Combination!

No Contest

Lethal turns his attention to Barrett. When Wade stands, Lethal spins him around, lifts him up and executes the Lethal Injection! Lethal attacks both men, and doesn’t even smile or do anything. Lethal just rolls out of the ring and walks back up the ramp. The fans boo at Lethal for ruining a possible epic encounter. “Jay Lethal returns, and attacks both Barrett and Orton! Remember Tazz, Orton and Barrett have bullied Lethal in the past, and he just took all his frustration out on both of those men!”  “I love Lethal Cole, but he really did just cost us a great match.”  Before anything else happens, the cameras go to the General Managers office where Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett are discussing something.
“Alright Eric, for once I agree with you. Dolph Ziggler will retain the X Division Championship by forfeit. That doesn’t mean that I am just giving up on who attacked Rey, but for now, that match just can’t happen.”  “I’m glad you see it my way Jeff. Listen I have a meeting with some superstars, so I’ll have to talk to you later.”  “Which superstars Eric? Are you gonna bribe another superstar to try to take me out? Is that what it is?”  “I guess you will see.” Eric walks out and leaves a frustrated Jeff Jarrett to wonder.
Back in the arena, a video package is shown highlighting the rivalry between Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, and Edge. These three men have been at each other’s throats for a long time finally, they will all go at it in a Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship!

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge© vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle w/ Angle Alliance

Kurt is out first with his Alliance. The You Suck chants begin, but none of them care. Angle, his student Jack Swagger, the protection Kevin Nash, and the specialists Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas all head to the ring. Angle stops at the bottom of the ramp and orders his group to stay at ringside. Kurt slides in and taunts all of the booing fans. Samoa Joe’s music hits and the fans give him a lot of love. Joe walks out, and stares a hole right through Kurt. Joe stops in front of the ring and eyes the Alliance.  Joe gets into the ring now, and Angle stays as far away as possible. You think you know me! The fans blow the roof off of the Philips Arena as the World Heavyweight Champion Edge makes his way out through the fog, wearing a brand new Edge GCF T-shirt! Edge poses for the fans, before sliding into the ring the way only Edge can. Edge holds his belt in front of his two opponents, and then hands it to the referee. Edge takes his new GCF shirt off and throws it into the crowd. The referee shows everyone what’s at stake here and the bell rings. Angle quickly rolls out the ring and hides behind Kevin Nash, so Joe and Edge lock up. Joe pushes Edge to the corner, but the referee forces them to break up. Joe backs away, but then runs back at Edge and connects with an enziguri to the back of the head! Edge bounces off the turnbuckle, and Joe catches him with a German Suplex! Joe doesn’t release the hold though, and he connects with a second German Suplex! Joe still doesn’t release his grip, and stands, about to execute a third German Suplex, but Angle gets back into the ring, and wraps his arms around Joe in a German Suplex position! Angle German suplexes Joe, while Joe was German suplexing Edge! Angle is the first one up, and he tosses Joe out of the ring! Angle covers Edge, One, Two, Edge kicks out. Angle punches Edge a few times on the head, but then he heads up to the top turnbuckle. Angle dives off and lands on Edge with a Frog Splash! Angle covers again, One, Two, Joe breaks it up. Angle rolls off of Edge, and Joe runs against the ropes, and jumps on Angle for a Running Senton. Joe covers Angle, One, Two, Angle kicks out. Joe slams his hands down, and slowly tries to pick up Angle. Angle was playing possum though, as he grabs the ankle and attempts an Ankle Lock! Joe fights him off though, and manages to reverse by kicking Angle away. Joe gets back to his feet, and Angle tries to clothesline him down. Joe ducks, and Angle runs right into a Spear from Edge!!! Angle holds his stomach, and lies vulnerable in the middle of the ring. Joe and Edge look at Angle then back up at each other. Edge sighs, and then tries to Spear Joe! Joe manages to move out of the way, and Edge crashes into the turnbuckle! Joe takes advantage by lifting Edge up to the top turnbuckle and setting up for a Muscle Buster! Joe has him, alls he has to do is drop him down, but Edge fights by elbowing Joe! Edge reverses Joe’s finisher by getting his foot loose and shifting his weight to his legs, which results in a neckbreaker by Edge! Joe’s neck slams into the mat, and Edge attempts a pin, One, Two, Joe kicks out! Edge wastes no time, as he scurries over to cover Angle, but Swagger pulls Kurt out of the ring! Edge gives Swagger a disgusted look, and then rolls out towards Jack. Swagger backs away, but Edge moves closer towards him. From the corner of his eye, Edge notices Nash running right at him, and ducks underneath a boot! Nash’s leg hits the steel stairs, and when Nash turns back to Edge, Kevin is hit with a Spear! Edge scares Swagger away, and pulls Kurt back to the ring. Edge lifts Kurt into the ring, slides in, and attempts a pin, One, Two, Angle kicks out! Edge pulls on his hair, but then gets into a corner and stalks Angle for another Spear! Angle gets to his knees, and Edge knows the time is near. Before Edge can run at Angle, Joe levels Edge with a huge boot! Joe again lifts Edge into the corner, puts him in position, and then finishes with the Muscle Buster! Joe covers Edge, One, Two, Angle breaks it up!!! Joe gets back to his feet, and tries to boot Angle, but Kurt catches the boot, spins Joe around, and hits the Angle Slam! All three men are down, as the Alliance tries to rally Kurt to his feet. Kurt gets up to his feet, and stumbles over to Joe. Angle pulls the straps down, and locks in the Ankle Lock on Joe! Angle is trying to break Joe’s Ankle along with winning the gold! Angle drops down into a grapevine position, increasing the pain going through Joe’s ankle! Joe lifts his hand up to tap, but right before he does, Edge breaks it up! Angle cannot believe it! He had the match won! Angle stands, while Edge tries to get to his feet. Angle gets right into Edge’s face, and then head butts Edge! Edge grabs his face, and Angle takes advantage with a belly to belly suplex! Angle looks up at the top turnbuckle, and then heads up there! Edge isn’t going anywhere, and Angle sets up for a moonsault! Angle back flips off the turnbuckle, but right before he can connect, Joe pulls Edge out of the way! Angle hits the mat hard, and Joe takes advantage by locking in a standing Rear Naked Choke on Angle! Kurt tries to fight out of it by ramming Joe into the corner, but Joe won’t let up! Angle starts to fade, and he is too far from the ropes. Just then, Edge runs at Angle and Joe, and Spears them both!! Edge spears Angle and Joe while Joe had Angle in a Standing Rear Naked Choke! Joe rolls to the outside, and Edge covers Kurt, One, Two, Swagger pulls Edge to the outside! Swagger pulls Edge out, and executes a Gutwrench Powerbomb on Edge! Swagger throws the almost lifeless Edge back into the ring, where Angle is trying to regain himself. Kurt gets up to his feet using the ropes, limps over to Edge, falls to his knees, and covers him, One, Two, EDGE KICKS OUT! Swagger cannot believe it on the outside and neither can Angle! Kurt orders Shelton to get into the ring, and he does. Kurt tells Shelton to clothesline Edge to the outside, and beat him down with Haas. Shelton waits for Edge to get to his feet using the ropes, and Edge takes a while to do so. Edge gets up to his feet, and Shelton runs at him. Edge though, throws Shelton over his shoulders to the outside, crashing on top of Haas! Kurt looks shocked as now three of his Alliance members are down! Kurt looks over to Swagger, and his jaw drops. Joe is standing right behind Swagger, and Jack doesn’t know it. Jack asks Kurt what’s wrong, but before Angle can warn him, Joe locks Swagger in the Coquina Clutch! Swagger squirms around, but he can’t handle the pressure, and falls unconscious. Joe releases the hold and slides back into the ring! Joe corners Angle, and starts attacking him! Joe pounds on Angle over and over again until the referee forces him to stop. Joe picks Kurt up by his tights and sets him on the top turnbuckle! The fans know what’s coming, and Joe puts him in the Muscle Buster location! Joe is about to drop Kurt with his finisher, but Edge runs out of no where and Spears Joe! Edge spears Joe, causing him to fall and deliver the Muscle Buster to Angle!! Kurt is out cold and rolls into the corner. Edge pins Joe, One, Two, THREE!!!!!!!

Winner and Still World Heavyweight Champion- EDGE!!

Edge himself can not believe he just won that match. The referee has to lift Edge up and put him the corner so he can stand and celebrate! Edge is handed his World Title and he has never looked happier. “What a match Tazz! That was the best match in GCF history no doubt about it!”  “I have got to agree with you there Michael. Edge took out Joe, Angle and the Alliance here tonight! He deserves that World Title.”  “What a night we have had, thank you for joining us for Resurrection! We’ll see you Wednesday for Impact Raw!”  The final shot is of Edge on his knees kissing his title while Joe, Angle, and the Alliance all lie motionless scattered across the ring.




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