The Undertaker Possibly Taking Time Off, MVP and Bret Hart Updates

– Bret Hart is running a Christmas sale on his website at From now until December 25th, every order will ship with a free limited edition commemorative 8×10 from Bret Hart Appreciation Night at Madison Square Garden a few weeks back. The photo is autographed by Bret and has shots from the MSG show and his career highlights from MSG events listed.

– MVP mentioned on Twitter that he wanted to change his look with a new haircut but couldn’t because WWE wouldn’t give him permission due to likeness issues with action figures, video games and other merchandise. MVP called it “a can of worms.”

– The Wrestling Observer reports that if The Undertaker loses the Buried Alive match at Sunday’s Bragging Rights, it is very likely that he will be taking time off for shoulder surgery. Taker is still suffering from a number of injury problems but his shoulder is the main problem right now and he needs surgery on it.

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  • Explosion

    I don’t find that fair from the WWE to stop M.V.P from changing his look. I don’t think he is the 1st wrestler to change his look.


    ok wtf is wrong wit the WWE? Dey let Shad Big fa nothin Gaspard change his hair and attire but they won t let M.V.P Change his luk? dats jus wrng and i waz M.V.P I d Go To TNA Wur u hav a voice ta wat u luk like. Vince may not no dis but he s loosing gud superstars cause of stupid shit like dis!

  • Leon

    Oh my goodness. My head hurts and I’ve gone cross-eyed.

  • L0k1

    Can that guy sound less stupid when he’s typing. Use real words buddy then maybe people will look at it seriously.

  • The Mike

    That sucks that taker is taken more time off. i allready quit watchn raw. i just watch smackdown for kane & taker. and it just sounds like wwe pickn on mvp.


    TAKER needs to retire alreaddy and MVP im with you and against you you need to come to tna were your voice will be herd and you will be world champ FINALLY and a hair cut REALLY BRO do you think that really gonna help you get a push or something a year later you,kingstun,truth,henry if not retired alreaddy are still going to be jobbing to guys like CENA,ORTON,HHH, even lower levels like cody,mcintyre,miz,rhiley, but gee whiZ that’s how it is up north(wwe)

  • Alex

    STOP SAYING MVP SHOULD GO TO TNA!!!! He was already in tna!!! Do any of you remember Antonio Bank$?? didnt think so! The only thing he’s famous for over there is jobbing to Monty Brown! see how well he was treated?! what he needs to do is stop complaining! you dont see chris masters, luke gallows, or evan bourne complaining about their losing streaks! ugh just be happy you’re workin in a major promotion and not the indies again!


    Zek jackson should go to tna theyll treat ya better and wheres shelton b at? he should be in tna. and mike tyson, you should b n tna, playa you need a job. O.J. when u get out of prison in ten years, go to tna. puff daddy, tna needs u dawg. shaq, give up on basketball and get in tna. snoop dogg, rvd needs a buddy to smoke a blunt with. who else im i missn…oh yeah 50 cents, i think your worth alot more, come to tna, tna, tna, tna, tna, tna……………

  • Murmer

    yeah.. shad cut his hair and changed his attire and he is still in the new smackdown vs raw video game which hasnt even come out yet with the same attire and hair he had when he was in cryme tyme. CM Punk also has short hair now yet in the new smackdown vs. raw video game he has long hair and the beard. this doesn’t make much sense to me.

  • Murmer

    oh and another thing, undertaker should GTFO of wwe already

  • K Law

    That’s how CM Punk used to look before he got his hair cut over the summer… WWE wanted his long hair and beard look for the game rather then his short hair. They wanted his first SES look… But they do have him wearing his mask as a DLC package for the Smackdown game coming out early next year… Shad changed simply because WWE wanted him to be a singles competitor. Why would he stay the same way like JTG? MVP doesn’t need a change. It won’t fucking matter really. He’ll still be doing the same shit he is now.

    So if Undertaker needs surgery, then that only means he’ll lose the Buried Alive match Sunday… Or if he wins the World Title, he might lose it at the next pay per view… Just hope Undertaker is back by Wrestlemania. WM is Undertaker and they need him…


    dude you are on the money all of them should go to tna along side paris hilton,pritney spears,linsey lohan,justin bebber,goarge w. bush,peter griffin,and YES even harry potter

  • Explosion

    I’m sick & tired of The Undertaker’s winning streak at WrestleMania and I think its about time it ended, but unfortunately it won’t happen at the next WrestleMania because their isn’t anybody who can take The Undertaker’s spot as the top guy, not even John Cena, Randy Orton or Kane

  • K Law

    Explosion… Smash your computer and go kill yourself for those ridiculous comments… Undertaker’s streak is apart of who he is and that’s never going to change… John Cena doesn’t need to beat the Undertaker at Mania to become a top star. He already is and has been for years. His stuff sells more then Undertaker’s. His popularity is bigger then Undertaker’s. Undertaker is in a league of his own way above Cena, Orton, and anyone else.

  • Murmer

    @K Law. you dont get it… according to this article they dont want MVP changing his look and one of the reasons is because the new video game coming out, it would have a different look than whatever he has planned to change it to. AND if WWE is against that then they wouldnt have guys like shad and punk doing it. i never said mvp needed a change because i quite frankly dont even care.

    also… you said “John Cena doesn’t need to beat the Undertaker at Mania to become a top star. He already is and has been for years.” in a response to someone. now.. i dont necessarily want john cena to end the streak. however, the undertaker is a legend and has been for years, and it is getting tiring to watch him struggle to walk right in the ring now. i wouldnt mind taker coming back for wrestlemania matches, but this guy should not be main eventing for the world title, what is it doing for the young stars? absolutely nothing. so its hypocritical in a way to say cena vs. taker should not happen while insinuating that the reason why is because it wont do anything for a young guy. taker needs to not end up like flair and retire at the right time. in my opinion.

  • K Law

    @Murmer… I do get why MVP can’t change his looks… I was saying, like it would matter if he did? It would accomplish nothing because WWE simply ain’t pushing him no more… Shad changed because he needed a new gimmick outside of his “thug gimmick”… Punk loss a match which resulted in his hair bring shaved obliviously…

    And I’m surprised you actually consider John Cena a young star? Fact is, he doesn’t need to beat Undertaker like I said… Someone like John Morrison, Jack Swagger, or Sheamus could benefit more from beating Undertaker at Wrestlemania then Cena…

    As far as Undertaker being like Flair… You don’t hear about Flair being injured and walking weak backstage… If Flair can still go, then obliviously he’s going to continue to wrestle… Taker will retire like Shawn Michaels when the time comes.

  • Murmer

    i just think flair shouldve retired a long time ago. he is too old.. i dont care if he can physically get in the ring and compete. he takes away from the younger guys who need to step up. thats similar to the way i feel with taker. he is main eventing with kane and id rather see guys like kingston or punk get pushed.

    i see what you mean about mvp .. and i know, the change in his look wouldnt do much

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