WWE Tough Enough Update, WWE Star Gets a Black Eye, Jim Ross

– Jim Ross will be in attendance at Sunday’s WWE Bragging Rights pay-per-view.

– SmackDown Superstar Chris Masters is now on Twitter at @WWEmasterp. Masters is sporting a black eye from his match with MVP against Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes on Tuesday night that aired on Thursday’s WWE Superstars.

– The return of WWE’s Tough Enough was a hot topic backstage at Monday and Tuesday night’s WWE TV tapings. The feeling is that NXT will be no more once Tough Enough returns.

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  • William Fiorilo

    I been waiting the longest time for tough enough to return. It the biggest dream
    i have is to reach the wwe and meet my mentor john cena. Now knowing that is will return its time to work on my tape, thanks to cena the why we gives it his all every night, pushes me to the limit. I can only hope my tape gets pick hope to see the wwe soon Billy Fiorillo

  • K Law

    In the words of The Rock Billy Fiorillo… You Absolute SUCK!

    Your fat fucking ass won’t make it pass the entrance door before they turn your faggot ass away! Even John Cena would break kay face and tell you to stop living. Your dream of being a wrestler are fault hopes. You won’t amount to shit! Live with it in your grandma’s basement for the rest of your pathetic life.

    Tough Enough was a fucking HORRIBLE show. Glad they canned it and hope it stays as dead as your fucking sex life Billy boy.

    Eat a dick homo!

  • sheamus


  • K Law

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  • Ballsack

    and you talk about downgrading, your trying to downgrade this guy who is trying to be with wwe, pfft, and you say wwe for life. Only a true wwe fan can understand someone’s dream to become a wwe wrestler. Why dont try being nice for change?

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  • Willy316

    @ K Law – Wats ur problem yo??!! William Fiorilo just stated wat he wanted. Y have u got ur panty in a knot 4 that?? If u dont like Tough Enough, thats fine but keep ur disagreement 2 a minimum with really unnecessary expletives. I mean, Really?? Really?? !! R u even a true wrestling fan or just some uneducated punk who thinks expletives r still a cool thing ??!!

  • K Law

    Ballsack… I simply told that queer the truth. If he can’t handle it, then by all means, suicide is his only answer.

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  • Willy316

    Its just his opinion m8 !! Y so much hate on a guy who just wants Tough Enough??!! Maybe its a failed dream or maybe he mite get 2 do something. Watever it is, as a true wrestling fan, respect anothers opinion and just leave it. After all, if v dont have dreams to live 4, wat wud v do?? Peace out homey

  • Michael Cole

    VINTAGE K LAW!! [LMAO @ “eat a dick homo”]

  • The Mike

    K law you should get into stand-up comedy. i can see you rippn into somebody in the crowd worst than andrew dice clay would.

  • Ballsack

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  • K Law

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  • The Mike

    Huh? thats something sheamus would say.

  • joeisrael

    @ K law if you’re going to be mean at people that’s cool and all, but just to inform you Owen’s head never hit the ring it as his chest that bounced of the top rope man.

  • Ballsack

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  • Ballsack

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  • K Law

    Ballsack… You do realize that wasn’t me who insulted you. If I was going to, I would had when I mentioned your name the first time… Not to mention, I don’t threaten to kill folks over the Internet… I would had told you to go kill yourself or something along those lines… Someone enjoys using my name and pretending to be a watered down fairy version of me. Whoever it is continues to prove they have no balls… So more then likely it was that Sheamus prick.

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