Winter Comments on TNA Debut, Dixie Comments on They, RVD News

– Dixie Carter, still keeping with the storylines, wrote the following on Twitter last night:

“Sitting at home watching iMPACT! & ReAction. Interesting to hear a bunch of men try to tear me down, when all they’ve done is fire me up. Understand ReAction tonight is THEY tearing me to shreds & unveiling their plan since DAY 1 to take TNA.”

Later, a fan wrote to Eric Bischoff and said, “if u wanted to truly “sell” what ur doin then maybe take Dixie off Reaction ending credits.”

In a bit of irony, Dixie re-Tweeted the fan’s comment and added her own message: “See how stupid THEY are.”

– Rob Van Dam has just been added to this weekend’s TNA live events in Michigan.

– Winter, formerly known as Katie Lea, wrote the following on Twitter after her TNA debut last night: “thanks for all the positive feedback. that means the world to me. i’m soooo excited!!!!”

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  • K Law

    She only appeared for about 10 fucking seconds in the mirror and then disappeared. What’s the big accomplishment about that? I hope they make good use of Katie. So far this whole mystical being shit looks stupid…

    Speaking of stupid, TNA can’t make storylines real. Continuing to show Kurt Angle in promos when he’s suppose to be “retirement” just fucks up the whole storyline. Having him still on the roster fucks up the storyline. Its interesting but TNA needs to make as if Kurt really isn’t in TNA. WWE would had done a much better job at being convincing…

  • lawrence

    Wwe dsnt even do a good job of making u believe shit look wen carlito stabbed cena or wen Hhh broke in2 Ortons home


    Have to admit. Katie Lea is on a bad start with TNA. This is not the way re-ignite someone’s career -by asking a couple of dumb blondes if they can help her with her wrestling moves. I feel this was a a very lazy way to introduce Katie and to be honest with the TNA Writers—She deserves better than this!

  • Alex

    … i really hope you didnt confuse katie lea and brooke adams.. katie lea was the one who disappeared, brooke adams aka miss tessmacher was the one who asked for advice.

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