Update on Daniel Bryan’s New Gimmick, Cena-Nexus Plans, More

– WWE employees hardly ever talk about TNA but the JWoww appearance had them talking like it was a flop. Some were wondering if TNA will pay the $15,000 for JWoww to return, noting that if TNA followed logical booking, they would almost have to bring her back.

– At least for now, WWE officials feel comfortable that the storyline with John Cena and Nexus can carry through the Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

– As noted before, we may not have seen the last of Daniel Bryan’s new “ladies man” gimmick that he did on RAW this week. WWE may follow-up with portraying him as a bit of a geeky guy that women find attractive. This also allows Michael Cole to play along as he goes crazy on Bryan with women showing the United States Champion attention.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • the pope manario dinero

    wat do you exspects its pg wwe

  • K Law

    They could had done that gimmick in any era you fucking moron!

  • Leon

    Do I smell an upcoming feud between Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder? Think about it.. If WWE goes through with the “ladies man” gimmick, wouldn’t it make sense for Zack Ryder, a guy who tries hard to impress the ladies, to notice this and become jealous and frustrated that a guy like Daniel Bryan gets the girls?
    Have Zack Ryder befriend Daniel Bryan so he can get closer to the girls. Either way there is comic gold and a good feud that can be brought out. Plus, they’re not doing anything with Zack Ryder at the moment. Give the guy a small push.

  • m m

    @the pope: quit complaining jackass! if u have issue with wwe, go stick it up in ur fucking smelly ass!

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