TNA Bringing Back Wolfe, Ricky Morton Coming In?, Angle, Joe, More

– Kurt Angle is going on vacation to Thailand since he has some time off from TNA and no movies currently filming.

– Ricky Morton of The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express fame has been talking with TNA about coming in, presumably as an agent.

– Samoa Joe was sick most of last weekend which is why he and Jeff Jarrett worked short matches at the live events. Earl Hebner was also very sick but insisted on refereeing.

– Mr. Anderson’s merchandise numbers have been a good surprise for TNA as he is just a little bit behind Rob Van Dam in terms of sales. Jeff Hardy’s merchandise is currently the best seller for TNA.

– TNA is planning on bringing Desmond Wolfe back soon. In his time off from TNA, Wolfe has been doing stand-up comedy at open mic spots in Florida.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • Hunter Hearst Helsmley

    Desmon Wolfe….Stand Up Comedy? Omg this is hilarious.

  • the pope manario dinero

    bout time now bring back the who did the back flip into a piledriver,kong,booker t, stiener bros,alissa flash the pride of tenissi,sojo boult,O.D.B,sharock and stop highering these old forts that can barley walk lit alone wrestle a half decent match POPE HAS SPOKEN.

  • K Law

    Bringing Morton in?? Last I heard he was in jail for being a dead beat dad…way to go TNA

  • OneThug4Life

    Why did they keep Wolfe off TV anyways?

  • annonymous

    They kept him off TV because Wolfe had a medical issues.. Why dont TNA come clean and say he failed a drug test and was made a scapegoat due to all the other failed drugtests they did fuck all about..

  • PowerUp 5000

    I agree..Wolf had that failed drug test..I can’t imagine him doing Comedy…LOL

  • Explosion

    That’s probably why he is coming back, he wasn’t any good. LOL

  • Bracey

    He’s a brilliant wrestler who’s also good on the mic. Do you guys have any wrestling knowledge at all?

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