Nash Says Goodbye at iMPACT, Talk on TNA Keeping Team 3D

– Kevin Nash said goodbye to the TNA Wrestling locker room at last week’s set of iMPACT television tapings. While he’s still listed on the company website, the belief is that he is legitimately leaving the organization because he noted to friends that he was asked to take a pay cut and declined to sign a new contract.

– There was much head shaking over TNA Wrestling re-signing Team 3D to new contracts. While Brother Devon is quite popular in the locker room and Brother Ray is considered good in a backstage role, many feel there is no money to be made in bringing the two back as a tag team, let alone as singles competitors.

“They shouldn’t have been re-signed,” said one company source. “No one (in management) gets its.”

To clarify, a number of people in management didn’t want them re-signed, but TNA president Dixie Carter felt otherwise as it is said that she “really wanted to bring the duo back.”




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  • the pope manario dinero

    stop all the hate they helped made the/tna tag team what it is to and this is how you think ungreater bssterds

  • Explosion

    I totally agree with you Pope, Team 3D is the main reason why the tag team division was/is a success and 1 of the reasons why they are in competition with WWE.

  • K Law

    LOL @ Explosion…

    Team 3D are dinosaurs. They fall in with Hogan and Bischoff. They don’t need anymore spotlight. They don’t need to be single competitors. TNA is not competition with WWE because of Team 3D. Their tag division is way above WWE’s and its not because of Team 3D. Teams like Beer Money, LAX, MCMGs. Those teams are TNA… Not Team 3D. They had their time in ECW and WWE. Their time is over. That stupid bitch Dixie is just wasting money on two fat fucks.

  • The Mike

    I agree w/ k law. these old foggies are standing in the way of some young talented wrestlers in tna. MCMG & generation me are damn good tag teams had inpressive matches, they would run circles around team 3D.

  • Explosion

    I should of stated this earlier and I don’t know why I didn’t. If Dixie Carter is bringing them back as a tag team or singles wrestlers, I totally disagree with that, but if she’s bringing them back to train up and coming tag teams and give them some experience and that I can agree with.

  • Explosion

    Does anybody know where Kevin Nash is going or is going to be another story line, where he turns on Sting and joins the Immortals and whole thing with him leaving is bull.

  • The Mike

    He is going home to be w/ family if he wasnt goin to top dog at tna. And said no wwe.

  • Explosion

    Thank you, The Mike

  • annonymous

    Nash will drag his arse out for whoever throws enough money at him.
    I dont buy his retirement speech just yet…..

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