Matt Hardy Updates – Reasons for WWE Release, TNA Plans and More

– WWE officials discussed Matt Hardy’s departure weeks before even granting him the release on October 14th. Some in the company wanted Hardy gone as soon as he asked for it but certain things slowed down that process. One of the main things was the feeling that releasing Matt would keep Jeff Hardy in TNA longer than his current deal calls for.

There was also a feeling that with Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign going on, they didn’t need a talent out there doing anything he could to get released. There was a bit of heat on Hardy for posting a video online of an unmasked Rey Mysterio in the background eating lunch.

People close to Hardy say that is is definitely headed to TNA and those in the company expect him to come in as well. There is already some negative attention on Hardy within the TNA locker room regarding all his odd videos that have been posted online.

There has already been talk within TNA of doing a Hardy Boys vs. Beer Money feud that would elevate Robert Roode and James Storm. Apparently Matt and Jeff are very aware of this possible feud also.

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  • Rhys

    no hardy boyz vs mcmg or genme would be better

  • the pope manario dinero

    same as the guy above me

  • lawrence

    If Matt joins tna tna should keep team 3d and have tables ladders chair oh yeah

  • K Law

    Can’t TNA do something fucking original? Beer Money is already on top. Beating the Hardys won’t prove shit. The Hardys weren’t that good to begin with. They never won any of those TLC matches.

  • lawrence

    Haha k law u talk shit if it wernt for the likes of the hardys dudleys e and c hart foundation lod tag team wrestling would be dead

  • Buddy

    the vlog he posted was to present what they do on there off days not to say rey broke kayfabe cause he didnt if you remeber rey didnt wear his mask in the end of wcw wwe is dumb if there mad at rey.

  • K Law

    Lawrence you piece of shit! If it wasn’t for The Rockers, Hart Foundation, and others before the Hardys’s time, there would BE NOT FUCKING HARDYS. The Hardys ain’t history. They ain’t shit but a filler tag team for real teams.

  • lawrence

    Haha ya queer cunt ya right but ya missed out some great teams like the killer bees . L.o.d and the rock n roll express

  • Explosion

    I would like to see The Hardy’s, Generation Me, MCMG and Beer Money in an X-Division match.

  • lawrence

    @ explosion :….. hell yeah that wud b cool

  • thegrizzly


    fuck no bring Matt in as a singles wrestler. He doesn’t need to carry his drug addict brother anymore.

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