GCF Impact Raw – October 20, 2010

Well GCF Fans, it is time for Impact Raw! Thanks for all of your emails last week, if you have any emails, email me at [email protected]. Resurrection is this Sunday, so make sure you are there for that. Last week, Kurt Angle revealed to the world that he has taken Jack Swagger under his wing, and they then viciously attacked Samoa Joe and Edge. What will happen now? Read on to find out!

“Welcome to Impact Raw everyone, I am Michael Cole, along with my partner Tazz, and GCF is rocking the EnergySolutions Arena right here in Salt Lake City, Utah!”  “Oh Man Cole, these fans might just blow the roof of this place! This is nuts!”  “You know what’s nuts Tazz? Jack Swagger is now the student of Kurt Angle! That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, last week right here on Impact Raw, Kurt Angle revealed the final piece of his puzzle, that being Jack Swagger!”  “It was awesome Cole! Jack Swagger, Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, Kevin Nash, and of course Kurt Angle!”  “Well from what I understand, Charlie Haas was injured last week, but he will be back in time for Resurrection this Sunday!”  “Listen to this Cole, I was talking to Kurt last week, and I asked him what the name is of his mega stable. He responded by saying that for now, they will be called the new and improved, Angle Alliance!”  Check One, Two! Oh Yeah!

Jack Swagger w/ Angle Alliance vs. Shannon Moore

Swagger walks out with Angle, Nash, and Benjamin. Swagger doesn’t bother doing his signature push ups, he just walks down the ramp strategizing with Angle about his upcoming match. Swagger and the Alliance walks up the stairs, but only Swagger gets into the ring. Nash, Angle, and Benjamin clap for their fellow member, when Moore’s music hits. Shannon walks out by himself, without his partner Jesse Neal. “From what I understand Tazz, Neal and Moore have not been getting along ever since the tag team tournament, so I guess that is why Neal isn’t out here tonight.”  Moore slides into the ring, eyeing down the Alliance. The bell rings, but Moore still has his eye on Angle. Swagger takes advantage of this, and attacks Moore from behind! Swagger stomps on Moore in the corner until the referee pulls him away. While the referee tends to Swagger, he doesn’t notice Nash throw some punches on Moore from the outside. Swagger moves away from the referee and drags Moore to the center of the ring. Swagger begins beating down on Moore’s ankle by stomping on it. Angle claps and cheers his student on, and Swagger seems to be taking it all in. Swagger stomps stomping on the ankle, and lets Moore get to his feet. Swagger grabs Moore and executes a perfect belly to belly suplex. Moore lands hard and rolls in front of the corner. Swagger backs up, runs at the corner, and tries to connect with his Corner Slingshot Splash that he loves so much. Moore puts his knees up, and Swagger lands right on Moore’s knees! Swagger lies on the ground holding his gut, while a disappointed Angle looks on. Moore quickly gets up to the top rope, and flips off and lands on Swagger for a Moonsault! Moore has a pin, One, Two, Swagger kicks out. Moore stands, still feeling the effects of the previous attacks by Swagger on his ankle. Moore picks Swagger up and whips him into the corner. Moore kicks Swagger in the stomach a few times, and then throws him out of the corner. Moore gets up to the second turnbuckle, and measures Swagger for the Mooregasm! Kurt Angle gets up to the ring apron on the other side of the ring, and the referee runs over to get Angle down. Angle distracts the referee, and Kevin Nash gets over to Moore, and shoves him off the turnbuckle! Moore crashes down to the ground, and then Benjamin sneaks into the ring! Moore stands, and Benjamin hits a lightning quick Paydirt on Moore! Benjamin sneaks back out of the ring, and Nash and Angle get down from the ring apron. The referee turns around, having no idea about what just happened. Swagger smiles and pulls Moore up, and delivers his patented Gutwrench Powerbomb to an already worn down Moore! Swagger decides not to go for the pin, and locks in the Ankle Lock! Moore tries to hold on, but he has no choice, but to tap out.

Winner- Jack Swagger

Swagger stands and raises his hand in victory. Angle, Nash, and Benjamin embrace with Swagger, while Moore lies on the mat clenching his ankle. Nash and Angle raise Swagger’s arms, and Benjamin points at the All American American. Swagger and the Alliance walk up the ramp, celebrating all the way up. “Man Cole, Swagger makes a very impressive debut in GCF, and don’t forget, Angle also will be in action tonight, only a few days away from Resurrection!”  “First of all Tazz, Swagger was about to lose, but the Alliance made a run in, and cost Moore the match!”  “Yeah, yeah, whatever Cole. Jack Swagger is great, and he showed it there.”  “Well like you said earlier Tazz, that is the first of a few times we will see the alliance tonight, as Kurt has a match scheduled here tonight.”  We go to the back where we see The Guns in the parking lot.
Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are in the parking lot, walking to their car and talking about their tag title match on Sunday when Josh Mathews runs up with a mic, “Guys, can I get a quick word about the tag title match Sunday?”  Both of the Guns smile and Shelley begins to speak. “Team 3D, Christian and Jericho, you say that your gonna team up on us, but even four guys won’t be able to stop us from getting those belts. That match is now a Falls Count Anywhere match, which means that we can beat all of down with steel chairs with no punishment. Not only are we looking forward to winning the gold, but we are looking forward to beating all of you down to a pulp.” The Guns nod to Josh and then continue walking down the parking lot.
Wade Barrett’s music hits and the NXT Season One winner walks down the ramp with a mic. “Cut the music please, Cut the Music!” His music does stop as he continues to walk down the ramp. He begins to talk again, “Last week, Randy Orton beat Santino Marella in exactly four minutes and twenty six seconds. Just to prove that I am indeed better than Randy Orton, I will face Santino Marella right now, and I will beat him in less than four minutes and twenty six seconds! Put a timer on the titantron, let’s do this!”

Wade Barrett vs. Santino Marella

Santino walks out to no music, looking a little confused about what’s going on. Marella jogs down to the ring and he stops in front of the ring. Santino looks around at the fans cautiously, but then he slides in the ring. As soon as Marella gets into the ring, Barrett runs at him and hits him with a vicious big boot right to the jaw! The bell rings and the timer begins. Marella is already down, and Barrett goes for a quick pin, One, Two, Santino kicks out! Barrett doesn’t bother arguing, because he’s on the clock. Barrett stomps on Marella’s head until the referee pulls him away. Barrett pulls Marella up and tosses him into the ropes. Barrett goes for another boot, but Marella splits underneath it, and rolls Barrett up, One, Two, Barrett kicks out! Santino and Barrett stand right up, and the clock is at two minutes even, but Barrett pays no attention to the clock. Barrett runs at Santino, grabs him, and throws him into the steel ring post shoulder first! Santino slowly backs away from the post holding his shoulder. Barrett spins Santino around and puts him in a fireman’s carry position. Barrett smiles at the timer, and then slams Marella down with the Wasteland! Barrett taunts the fans for a few seconds, before jumping onto Santino, and getting the three count with one minute and thirty seconds left.

Winner- Wade Barrett

Barrett stands and points to the timer, rubbing it in everyone’s face that he beat Orton’s time. Barrett turns his back, and doesn’t see Orton run down the ramp! When Barrett turns around to Orton, Randy attempts and RKO, but Barrett throws him off! Barrett runs over and scoops Orton up into Wasteland position, but now Orton slithers out of it! Both men stop for a second, and get into eachothers face. Barrett shoves Orton, who shoves him right back! They engage in a shoving war, until the referee and some security break it up. Orton is pulled to the back, trying to fight his way out to get to his nemesis Barrett. Wade just stares at Orton, not stopping until Orton is gone. Barrett also leaves the ring, looking serious as ever. “So Barrett beats Santino faster than Orton did last week, and then they almost brawled! That match at Resurrection is going to be full of hate” says Cole. “You bet Michael, Wade Barrett will finally prove this Sunday that he is better than Randy in every way possible!”  “Whatever you say Tazz.”
In the back we see Jeff Jarrett in his office, putting his gear on for his match with Matt Morgan later on tonight. Eric Bischoff walks in with a jacket on and it looks like he just got here. Eric sets up at his desk, acting like he doesn’t notice Jarrett right in front of him. Eric looks up from his desk and looks surprised to see Jarrett there. “Jeff, I didn’t see you there! You better hurry up buddy; your match with Matt Morgan is pretty soon! By the way, I think I am gonna make this a no dq match. Just because, well just because I can.”  Bischoff starts feeling his pockets and looking around for something. Eventually Bischoff gets up and begins to walk towards the door, but he stops and begins to speak again. “I think I left my cell phone in my car Jeff. I can’t seem to find it. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you Jeff, not only will this be no disqualification, but It is going to be a no dq handicap match! Matt’s partner will be…..Sheamus.” Eric smirks, and then he walks out of the office going to get his phone. Jeff smiles and reaches into his pocket, pulling out Eric’s cell phone. Jarrett looks at the door the Bischoff went out, and then snaps Eric’s phone in half. Jarrett throws the broken phone on Eric’s desk, and leaves the office, ready for his match.
“That’s what I call abusing power Tazz. How is Jeff Jarrett suppose to take on two vicious competitors, with no disqualification?”  “I don’t know Cole? Alls I know is that Eric Bischoff can make those decisions.”  Matt Morgan’s music hits and the Television Champion walks down the ramp, showing off his title to all of the fans, who are giving Morgan some serious heat. “I have a question for you Tazz, why is it that Morgan is the TV Champion, yet he rarely ever defends it?”  “Two reasons Cole. Matt Morgan is the best superstar in GCF, and my favorite. He doesn’t need to prove anything. He is the TV Champ because he is what people watch GCF for. The other reason is that Eric Bischoff and Matt have become good friends, so he has a lot of lean when it comes to his matches.”  Morgan is now in the ring, talking to the referee. It’s a shame for they, lost their heads. Sheamus now makes his out, strutting down the ramp. Sheamus is in a fowl mood after his fight last week with AJ Styles. Sheamus gets into the ring, and shakes Morgan’s hand. Sheamus then does his signature pose to the booing crowd. Jeff Jarrett makes his way out with a mic in hand. He walks down the ramp, but stops at the bottom of the ramp. “Eric Bischoff forgets that I am the other co general manager, and that I can make big decisions as well. So instead of this being a one on two handicap match, I think I’m gonna make this a three on two handicap match! Let me introduce my two partners……Get ready to fly! I am, I am!  The fans go crazy for Styles, and he walks down the ramp, looking ready to fight. Sheamus doesn’t react, he just stares Styles down. Morgan on the other hand is going berserk! He is yelling at the ring announcer and the referee, screaming if they knew anything about this. “Calm down Matt, Calm down. Wait until you hear this. I would like to introduce, my other partner, and the new number one contender for the Television Championship……Booker T! Can you dig it, Sucka? The fans freak out over the return of the five time WCW Champion Booker T. Booker signals that he wants Morgan’s gold, while Morgan has a disbelieving look on his face. Booker, AJ, and Jarrett all slide into the ring, and this one is underway.

Matt Morgan and Sheamus vs. Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, and Booker T

Booker and Jarrett team up and clothesline Morgan over the top rope, and Morgan slams down to the outside mat. AJ and Sheamus are already brawling all over the ring. AJ gets the upper hand, and dropkicks Sheamus to the outside. Booker and Styles get out of the ring and attack their enemies, while Jarrett laughs in the ring and chats with the referee. Booker stomps on Morgan a little more, before he picks Morgan up and tosses him into the steel steps! On the other side of the ring, Styles is on top of Sheamus throwing punches all over him! AJ then stands and remembers that the match is being held under no disqualification, so he reaches under the ring and pulls out a chair. AJ begins pounding Sheamus with the chair, while Booker pounds Morgan into the steel steps! Jarrett decides to finally make his way outside, over by Morgan. Jarrett pulls Morgan up by the arm, and executes The Stroke on Morgan! Jeff Jarrett hits The Stroke on Jarrett on the thin padding! Jarrett hops back into the ring, and Booker gives Jeff a smile, and mouths “Thanks for that.”  Styles throws Sheamus back into the ring, and heads up to the top turnbuckle! Jarrett picks Sheamus up, and stands him up for AJ. Styles dives off the turnbuckle and hits Sheamus with a flying forearm smash! Jeff claps AJ on, and AJ tells Booker to toss him the chair. AJ grabs the chair and sets it on top of the lifeless looking Sheamus, and heads out to the ring apron. AJ looks around at the fans, and then he jumps onto the ropes and connects with a springboard 450 splash! The steel chair goes right into Sheamus’ guts! AJ holds his own stomach; it looks like the chair did just as much damage to AJ as it did to Sheamus! On the outside, Morgan is trying to get to his feet, but Booker puts him right back down with his signature Scissors Kick! Booker then turns his attention to the ring, where he sees AJ and Sheamus down in the ring. Booker quickly gets into the ring, and helps AJ up. AJ stumbles back over to Sheamus and puts him in a powerbomb position. AJ then performs a quick Styles Clash on Sheamus! AJ turns Sheamus around and has Sheamus in a pin position, One, Two, and Three!

Winners- Jeff Jarrett, Booker T, and Jeff Jarrett!

Booker gets AJ to his feet, and Jarrett raises both of their arms in victory. Jeff calls for a mic and gets into the unconscious Sheamus’ face. “Sheamus, you want to get involved in my business? Fine by me, but I just wanted to let you know that this Sunday at Resurrection, you will go one on one, with AJ Styles!” Jarrett slams the mic down, and celebrates with Styles and Booker. “Man Cole, I don’t know what I am more excited about! Booker coming to GCF or AJ versus Sheamus at Resurrection?! Both are absolutely awesome!”  All three men exit the arena with beaming smiles on their faces, while Sheamus and Morgan lie on the ground, attempting to stand. We go to the back now with Todd Grisham, who is standing by with an interview.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, the Hardcore legend, Tommy Dreamer. Tommy, this Sunday, you will be competing in the Hardcore Invitational for the Title. What are your thoughts on the match and what are your chances of winning the belt?”  “Listen Todd, my chances of winning the match are one hundred percent. I am Tommy Dreamer, the Innovator of Violence. With this match being under Hardcore Rules, I am the biggest threat. My thoughts on the match are mixed. I am happy that us hardcore wrestlers are getting a chance to shine and have a title to compete for, but I believe that I should just be awarded the title because I am the most extreme superstar in GCF.”  RVD walks into the shot and pats a stunned Dreamer on the back. RVD lets out a breath and begins to speak, “Bad news Tommy. My injuries have healed up and I will be at Resurrection, and I will be in that match. After the match on Sunday, the Hardcore Title will belong to Rob….Van….Dam!” RVD walks away, and Dreamer is at a loss of words.
Booyaka, Booyaka! 619! Rey Mysterio is out and it looks like its time for the battle of number one contenders!

Rey Mysterio vs. Zack Ryder

The number one contender for the X Division title makes his way out to a roar of love from the crowd. Rey walks down the ramp and high fives all his fans near the ring. Rey gets into the ring and poses to the fans. Zack Ryder’s music hits and the number one contender for the IC Title makes his way out. Ryder smugly walks down the ramp to a very negative reaction from the GCF faithful. Ryder walks up the stairs and goes into the ring. Ryder takes off his jacket, and the bell rings. Ryder goes right at the smaller Rey, but Mysterio uses his speed to get by Ryder. Before Ryder can even get his hands on Rey, Dolph Ziggler runs down the ramp. Rey looks over at Ziggler and prepares for him, giving Ryder the chance to clothesline Rey down. Ziggler slides in as well, and both Ryder and Ziggler begin to beat down on Rey.

No Contest

Ziggler and Ryder stop on Rey, until Tyler Black hops over the guardrail! Ryder and Ziggler don’t notice Ryder, but when Zack turns around, he is hit with a Superkick from Black! Tyler corners Ziggler and Dolph gets down on his knees, begging Black not to hit him. Black instead nails the kneed Dolph with a Grounded Superkick! The kick sends Dolph onto the second rope, and Rey sees the opportunity. Rey runs back and then connects with a 619 to Ziggler! Ziggler falls to the outside, while Black chases Ryder all the way to the back. Rey dares the retreating Ziggler to get back into the ring, but Dolph continues to run right back up the ramp, and escapes the arena. Rey rejoices with his fan, and Rey just gained some serious momentum heading into Resurrection on Sunday! Rey leaves the arena and high fives all the fans on his way out of the arena.
In the back, we see The Alliance banging on a Samoa Joe’s locker room door. Joe opens the door, and he doesn’t look pleased at what he sees, “Kurt, you better have a really good reason why you and your little posse are here.”  “Listen Joe, I know we have had our problems, but I have an idea that will benefit both of us. If you pick one of my Alliance members as my opponent tonight, I can promise you that we will make sure that Edge cannot compete at Resurrection, and it will be just me and you, one on one. What do you say?” Before Joe can respond, we hear a big bang in the background. Angle turns around and sees that Edge just rammed Shelton Benjamin into a soda machine! “Sorry about that one Kurt. I just couldn’t help myself. I don’t know if you saw it Kurt, but my locker room is right down there. I can hear everything your saying. You say that you’re gonna try to take me out? When you say that, you mean the guy I just threw into the soda machine, Daffy Duck, and Father Time? I think I can hold my own. So how about you get out of here before I show exactly how I can hold my own.”  Kurt is about to walk away, but Joe stops him. Angle smiles, thinking that Joe may have accepted his offer, and Joe starts to speak. “Kurt, hang on a second. I just wanted to let you know, that I never would have accepted that offer anyway. I already picked your opponent tonight, and, well here he is.” Joe moves out of the way, and none other than The War Machine Rhino emerges behind him. Rhino gets into Angle’s face, and walks away. Joe speaks again, “I hope you’re not planning on having the Alliance help you out tonight Kurt, because Edge and I are going out there to make sure that doesn’t happen.”  Joe goes back into his locker room, Edge smiles and walks away, while Angle talks with his Alliance.
Rhino’s music hits and the fans give him a great reaction. Rhino walks down the ramp, followed by Edge with his World Title, and then Joe. Rhino gets into the ring, while Joe and Edge prepare for the Alliance at ringside. Kurt Angle comes out next to his usual You Suck entrance from the crowd. Angle is followed by Kevin Nash, Shelton Benjamin and Jack Swagger. Swagger, Nash, and Benjamin go to the other side of the ring. As soon as Angle gets into the ring, Edge and Joe storm into the ring. Edge spears Angle out of no where, while Joe and Rhino fight Swagger, Nash, and Benjamin. “This match never even started Tazz! This is nuts!” Edge continues to pound on Angle, until Shelton grabs the World Title. Benjamin attempts to smack Edge with the belt, but he ducks, and Shelton hits Swagger! Edge runs against the ropes, and then Spears Benjamin! This distraction allows Joe to take advantage and German suplex the big man Nash! Edge and Joe point to Rhino, and we all know what’s coming. Rhino measures Nash, and when Kevin stands, Rhino hits a GORE, GORE, GORE! All the fans go crazy for the three men. “This just makes me want to see that match at Resurrection more and more Cole!”  “Impact Raw is out of time everybody; we will see you this Sunday, for Resurrection!” The final shot is of Joe and Edge sharing a few choice words, while Rhino tries to keep some peace.




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