Diva Defends Her Bad NXT Match Last Night, Piggy James

– Last night’s match between Maxine and Kaitlyn on NXT is being almost universally panned by both wrestling fans and Joey Styles alike.

“And I thought WWECW was hard to watch. OMG that match stunk on ice,” Styles said of the match on Twitter. “After that match, Mae Young is rolling over in her grave…and she’s still alive!”

Maxine responded to criticism of the match on Twitter, writing, “Yea the match was tough. It’s hard to lead someone with 2 months experience almost impossible.”

Kaitlyn had no prior wrestling experience prior to being signed by WWE in July.

– Though Mickie James has long since departed from World Wrestling Entertainment, the company’s production staff is still hauling around equipment used during the storyline deriding her weight to shows. Reader Kyle wrote that before Monday’s Raw in Calgary, Alberta, he and his friends observed the WWE production trucks situated around the Saddledome and noticed a cart with a big box labeled “Piggy James.”

Once a storyline has been completed, items used during the storyline are either trashed or dropped off at an undisclosed warehouse near WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.




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