WWE Diva Releasing Christmas Single, Helms Speaks on Hardy

– Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas on Right After Wrestling recently asked former WWE star Shane “Hurricane” Helms to comment on Matt Hardy’s release.

“Me and Matt (Hardy) talk on a daily basis,” Helms said. “He’s doing really good and he’s in a good spot in his life.

“He was just ready to go, like myself when I left (WWE), I was just ready to go. I didn’t realize how ready I was to leave until about a month after my release. Back to Matt, he’s in a happier place, he’s got a ton of projects on the shelf, me and him will be doing a ton of stuff together as well.”

– RAW Diva Jillian is set to give Mariah Carey a run for her money this Christmas by releasing her own ‘unique’ version of ‘Santa Baby’.

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  • Sexxy Mama

    um you do realise it’s kayfabe &not real… anyways i’m justa hawt bitch call me you lonely ugly old men so i can marry you &&take your fricken money hahahahaha!!!!!!

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